This exquisitely illustrated new edition of Sanna’s atlas provides the reader with simple and efficient visual training in the evaluation and diagnosis of ear canal. Color Atlas of Otoscopy. Mario Sanna, Alessandra Russo, Abdelkader Taibah, Antonio Caruso, Giuseppe De Donato. This exquisitely illustrated new edition of. Color atlas of otoscopy: from diagnosis to surgery / Mario Sanna, Alessandra Russo, Giuseppe De Donato; with the collaboration of Essam.

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Where appropriate, correlative CTs are provided; line drawings otoscpy used as well to identify structures seen in the otoscopic photographs. Despite advances in diagnostic techniques and imaging modalities, otoscopy remains the cornerstone in the diagnosis of otologic diseases.

In this manner, any undue injury to the external auditory canal is ohoscopy Fig. Sanna has special experience which he shares with us. We experienced a feeling of frustration in that era of the electron microscope and of space probes bringing back photos of the earth taken from the moon The focus is adjusted to infinity and otodcopy diaphragm to However, the tympanic membrane has long defended itself from photographic intrusion.

A special chapter concentrates on the post-surgical assessment of this area. In all the cases, the examiner sits to the side of the patient whose head is slightly tilted towards the contralateral side.

Where appropriate, the pathology behind the otologic appearances have been provided in the ootscopy of color photographs from the operatrive situs.

Color Atlas of Endo-Otoscopy

Richly illustrated with over mostly full-color photographs and many radiological studies Shows a vast range of common and rare pathologies that can be visualized and assessed via endo-otoscopy Juxtaposes, when appropriate, the clinical picture, radiological diagnosis, and intraoperative findings with the endo-otoscopic findings of the patient In each chapter, a surgical summary lists various approaches that may be used to optimally plan treatment atlxs the patient A special final chapter covers the assessment of postsurgical findings as seen in attlas, so as to distinguish between normal healing and changes that may require further intervention Color Atlas of Endo-Otoscopyproduced with the support of Mario Sanna Foundation, is certain to become a valuable tool for all physicians involved in the care of patients with ear ailments.

Other editions – View all Color Atlas of Otoscopy: Otoscopy constitutes the first phase in the examination otsocopy the patient. With the help of a video printer connected to the monitor, instant photos of the pathology can be obtained. Popular passages Page – When this muscle contracts, the lower part kf the arch, consisting of the handle of the malleus and the long process of the incus I agree to the use and processing of my personal information for this purpose.


Insofar as this book mentions any dosage or application, readers pf rest assured that the authors, editors, and publishers have made every effort to ensure that such references are in accordance with the state of knowledge at the time of production of the book.

Sanna Russo Caruso Taibah Piras. Every otolaryngologist, pediatrician, or even general practitioner dealing with ear diseases should have a good knowledge of otoscopy. Nevertheless, this does not involve, imply, or express any guarantee or responsibility on the part of the publishers with respect to any dosage instructions and forms of application stated in colog book.

Any reference to or mention of manufacturers or specific brand names should not be interpreted as an endorsement or advertisement for any company or product.

Modern optical systems, in particular the binocular microscope, have permitted an unfettered approach and the detailed observation of the tympanic membrane wtlas optimal conditions of lighting and magnification.

Color Atlas of Otoscopy

Sanna and his collaborators offer us more than an “Atlas of Otoscopy”, as the title of the volume modestly suggests. Sanna is part of The Grupppo Otologicoa world-renowned specialist center for the diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the ear, skull base, facial nerve, head and neck, and paranasal sinuses.

Surgical Management Problems in Surgery. Select Year Thus, for each patient pre- intra- and postoperative photographic documentation is obtained. The addition of observer tubes and video cameras have helped to further familiarize ourselves with the various pathologic conditions.

A preliminary examination is carried out using a head mirror or an otoscope. This is an easy-to-consult book for residents and specialists, featuring brilliant diagnostic images from the newest generation of endoscopic otoscopes. All the photos in this book were obtained with an Olympus OM 40 camera mounted to the endoscope with a Storz T2 objective. Medicine is an ever-changing science. Moreover, the otologist should be able to distinguish between what is considered to be normal postsurgical healing and complications that need further intervention.


With the ring and middle finger of the left hand, the examiner pulls the patient’s auricle backwards and outwards to straighten the external auditory canal. Further information about data processing and your corresponding rights. Every dosage schedule or every form of application used is entirely at the user’s risk and responsibility.

The manifestation of an aural polyp can vary from a mucosal polyp associated with chronic suppurative otitis media to the much less common but more dangerous glomus jugulare tumor.

Congenital Cholesteatoma of the Middle Ear. This book, including all parts thereof, is legally protected by copyright. The reader, initially attracted by a book of pictures, will be further captivated by a concise text, where, with style and precision, the principal pathologic conditions are described: Such a structure is thoroughly complementary to the knowledge acquired during his or her medical training. While otoscopy alone can establish the diagnosis in some cases, parameters such as history, or audiological and neuroradiological evaluation are required in others.

Color Atlas of Otoscopy – Gruppo Otologico

The text indicates as well the complementary examinations indispensable for diagnosis and available therapeutic options. We thank and warmly congratulate the author and his collaborators for this exceptional work which reflects the atlsa of colir talent and experience. In each chapter, a surgical summary that lists the different approaches for the management of the pathology dealt with is provided.

Sanna Limited preview – Sanna Snippet view – References to this book Color Atlas of Otoscopy: Such examination is particularly important with drugs that are either rarely used or have been newly released on the market. From Diagnosis to Surgery M.

A small retrotympanic mass may represent an anomalous anatomy such as a high jugular bulb or an aberrant carotid artery. This book is far more comprehensive than the title, or even the cover, suggests VI Preface Despite advances in diagnostic techniques and imaging modalities, otoscopy remains the cornerstone in the diagnosis of otologic diseases. It may also represent frank pathology such as facial nerve neuroma, congenital cholesteatoma, or even en-plaque meningioma.