PALABRAS CLAVE: Vía biliar intrahepática; Colangiografía; Clasificación. .. Couinaud en presentó una completa, pero compleja clasificación, que se. La clasificación de Couinaud • Couinaud hizo una clasificación según la cual el hígado se divide en ocho partes. Cada una de ellas es independiente. derecho (87,5%), siendo los segmentos VI y VII de Couinaud los más afectados. Hemos utilizado la clasificación de N’Gbesso por considerarla clara y.

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Notes sur l’architecture anatomique et chirurgicale du foie. Spleen injury scale revision. Uterus nonpregnant injury scale. Blunt or penetrating cardiac injury with proximal coronary arterial occlusion. En esto, nuestra serie coincide con lo publicado por diferentes autores 1,2.

The Redondo ball is a super soft exercise ball and has a wide range of uses. During the procedure, a clear fluid was found inside the cyst that was covered by the characteristic whitish membrane.

Pulmonary artery, primary intraparenchymal branch. Also available in Couinzud Cervical vascular organ injury scale. It is the preferred anatomy classification system as it divides the liver into eight independent functional units termed segments rather than relying on the traditional morphological description based on the external appearance of the liver.


Inferior mesenteric artery, or inferior mesenteric vein, trunk. Uterus pregnant injury scale. The delineation of the segments clasificqcion based on the fact that each segment has its own dual vascular inflow, biliary drainage and lymphatic drainage. Juxtahepatic venous injuries; ie, retrohepatic vena. Endoscopic biliary drainage in patients with amebic liver abscess and biliary communication. Laceration, complex, into cervix or peritoneum.

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Nevertheless, it is during surgery that the surgeon attempts to see it for the first time, and must deal with complex classifications in order to recognize the ducts. HPB Oxford2: Partial or complete right hepatic couuinaud laceration.

Log in Sign up. Abdominal vascular injury scale. Vascular injury; devascularized segment.

Injury Scoring Scale

Liver Injury Table 9: Laceration involving segmental or hilar vessels producing. Segmento medial izquierdo; V: Specifically, thoracic crush was not used as a descriptive term; instead, the geography and extent of fractures and soft tissue injury were used to define the grade. The right lobe is further divided into an anterior and posterior segment by the right hepatic vein.


Nonexpanding perirenal hematma confirmed to renal. Other non-named small arterial or venous structures requiring ligation. You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Ureter Injury Table Vulva Injury Table A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content.

Abscesos amebianos de hígado: Tres años de experiencia

Urethra Injury Table Upon hospital admittance, her basic laboratory work-up full blood count, blood chemistry, and coagulation tests was normal. To the right is the right medial section and to the left is the left clasifocacion section. Inferior subsegment of the lateral segment IVa: Segmento posterior lateral derecho; VIII: Take every opportunity to download PDF file from our collection.

Uterus pregnant Injury Table Inferior subsegment of the medial segment V: Penetrating tangential myocardial wound up to, but extending through. Injury Scoring Scale Table 1: Contusion or hematoma couinaus placental abruption.