CISSP aide memoire (e) v4 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. CISSP aide-mémoire By Éric Allaire, , CISSP, P+CP [email protected] com August 9, Table of contents REFERENCES USED. If you’ve done a lot of research on test-taking tips for the CISSP Exam, have hands-on, real-world experience and a copy of the “CISSP aide memoire” discussed.

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Eliminate any additional answers using the proper approach 5.

Passing the CISSP Exam

Into The Fray After my usual breakfast I wandered back to the classroom where the exam was going to be administered. This book was my final ramp-up to the review seminar.

Some of the attendees used the worksheets to test their comprehension, but Mrmoire found them to be overly basic and not really helpful for my learning style. I think four out of ten might even be a bit generous. I found that maintaining a routine came in handy throughout the week, especially in the dietary realm.

Mekoire a must-watch tutorial. In a handful of instances it was a guess between two answers, but that was by far the minority.

Every reader or user of this document acknowledges that he his aware that no guarantee is given aidr its contents, on any account, and specifically concerning veracity, accuracy and fitness for any purpose.

After my usual breakfast I wandered back to the classroom where the exam was going to be administered.

Upon establishing a solid familiarity with the CBK domains and the concepts thereof I transitioned to materials that scraped a bit deeper into the concepts and discussed the more technical aspects of specific technologies, methodologies and processes. Heading in the Right Direction When I started my current job as Information Assurance Manager, my supervisor asked me what training I wanted to take and what certifications I felt would be helpful in performing my job duties.


It is well written and thorough. Rather than attempt to break down every day I will simply give a rundown of one day was like, because from Monday through Friday each day was similar in structure with only the content changing. I made a quick trip to a local store to pick up some some groceries and returned just after dark.

Comments and additions must be dated and their author s identifiable. There are a lot of resources out there! We stopped for lunch and then broke for the day. Application Security, Security Architecture and Design.

Building the Right Study Plan for Me. We covered the CBK domains in the aidr clusters, with one domain in the morning and then another in the afternoon:. I had to then settle on Atlanta, GA since I had already made all the arrangements to be away that week and that location would be least expensive to travel to. Similar to the AIO, it gets way down in the weeds, but it does so with the express intent of providing meaningful technical explanation of the concept or technology being covered.

I knew at this point that there was nothing more I could do to prepare myself and that I needed to go blow off some steam and relax for the day. Friday afternoon we took the official question practice test provided to us. Memoiree a short shuttle ride later I was wandering the halls of this metropolis of consumerism. I then settled down and prepared for the start of the seminar by reading through what I considered my weaker areas.

After questions I stopped and took a quick break to walk to the bathroom, stretch my legs and eat a granola bar to keep my energy up. At the price you can find online for a used copy, this book is a solid investment that can be virtually guaranteed to provide results.

I reviewed my answer card to ensure that I had not miss-aligned any answers or incorrectly filled any bubbles and proceeded to turn in my exam. These posts include some of the most crucial information needed for the exam, and are a sampling of the countless helpful posts and forum members that are willing to assist others in obtaining the knowledge required for certification. Especially helpful posts include the following: I can confidently say that it was the most intense educational experience of my life.


An excellent reference resource. After an initial four week wait I received the unhappy news on February 14th that I had been selected for auditing! I was taking hundreds of practice questions, watching detailed videos and researching weak areas in some of the resource materials and guide books.

We covered the CBK domains in the following clusters, with one domain in the morning and then another in the afternoon: Plan design and implementation I had called ahead that morning and asked for an upgraded room in a quiet area of the hotel.

Business impact analysis BIA My rating of nine out of ten shows my confidence in this resource.

CISSP aide-mmoire – Table of contents – [TXT Document]

This could be considered a close cousin of the aide memoire, in that it presents as much information as possible in a small package. I tried to maintain as much of a routine as possible throughout the week so as to not get my mind and body out of an established pattern.

Since the CBK material has not changed significantly, only minor differences can be found between versions – I compared the 9th edition to the older 5th edition and did not find any glaring differences. I ultimately selected Training Camp.