Written/Delivered: January 28, (1st document) The Congress government has arrested one thousand communists during the last one month. Most of. The Naxalite ideology is broadly based on Comrade Charu Majumdar’s historic Eight Documents and creative application of. HISTORIC DOCUMENTS – CHARU MAZUMDAR. SOURCE: CM-WORKS BLOG. Our Tasks in the Present Situation (28th January, – First Document).

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After he becomes a Party member, the Activist Group must not have any contact with him.

Naxalite Ideology: Charu’s Eight Documents | india | Hindustan Times

The Naxalbari uprising of March saw the implementation of Charu Majumdar’s vision of revolution. If this cannot be done on dochments country-wide, State-wide basis, will the peasants wait silently? Where can they be hidden?

So if the significance of this struggle is belittled, the working class will isolate itself from the struggles of the broader masses. They were crushed by British Raj only with the use of force and violence. During the last two years, the spontaneous struggles of the petty-bourgeois youths and students have created a stir from one end of India to another. Indian government delivered land reforms to some extent, though these reforms were not implemented in constitutional spirit but still these land reforms were able to destroy any logical and ideological grounds of left wing extremism.

It does not mean that satyagraha movements are altogether outmoded today. Gulzarilal Nanda has announced that he will not accept the verdict of the electorate and he has notand he has started telling absurd stories about guerilla warfare.

The Historical Eight Documents -Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder

Comrades, the above mentioned incidents demand from us some analysis. Carry on the Struggle Against Modern Revisionism. Inside India, it has created a playground for imperialist and feudal exploitation, and in its foreign policy it has turned India into a base of reaction in collaboration with imperialism and modern revisionists.


But why have only dalits created an adequate space in the formal political system and not tribals? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Now they are suggesting reliance on laws and the bureaucracy. To smash all those mistakes in the Party, the Party will today first have to establish its leadership over the mass organisations.

Army foils cross-LoC attack in Kashmir, kills two intruders. On the other hand we are dreaming—under our leadership organised peaceful mass movements will grow up. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The party organisation was to be formed from the leadership that emerged from the struggles. So the question of collecting arms will have to be put up before every Activist Group from now on.

They launch attacks on the people even at the risk of being defeated. The Party leaders after long imprisonment, after the Party Congress, for the first time had a session of the full Central Committee. It is not possible for any imperialist country to take such a big responsibility.

We should remember that the teaching of Com.

Already, by the s, reports commissioned by the government of India have demonstrated the utter failure of the state in providing a life of dignity and honour to its tribal citizens. Only then we can eiight work on majumdae the revolutionary Party. On the other hand for adopting the revolutionary utilisation of participation in election as legal form of Struggle, the emergence of revolutionary democratic elements is a necessity. Even those who fought defying death had also to retreat finally.

But this time it is clear like daylight that India alone is the aggressor. Finaly they seek emancipation from the capitalist rule ,and for that purpose build a common organization of workers, that is called a mass organization of workers. This conflict is mainly between the trading majumddar and the monopoly industrialists.


But our theories, politics and the slogan of Party formation must never be kept secret. Over and above this, by attacking Pakistan, more burdens were imposed upon the peasants. Then the quantity of land to be distributed was slashed. This is the basic point of Party education.


In any section or class there remains a section who have different political views and are not willing to accept the ideology of the working class. You are commenting using your WordPress. Movements on partial demands are never to be condemned but it is a crime to conduct these movements in the manner of economism. C belived that actions of armed squads would mobilize the broad masses. April 9, 3rd document Comrades, Two events occurred in the world in the era after the second world war.

T he vast masses of the Girijans were drawn with the perspective of the mass revolutionary line.

So we shall have to pay special attention to them and help them gradually educate themselves. Let us not be confused by the false slogan of non-congress democratic government. Political groups of conflicting trends majumxar avoid dragging politics or differences into the mass organization. Secondly, the revolutionary resistance movement, armed struggle.

It was because of that left sectarianism of those days that we were unable to guide that movement along the correct path. C believed that only armed struggle was necessary.