But, finally with some incredible teamwork from the EMC vSpecialist squad I now present the complete Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1. This guide. Download Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1 Description. Celerra UBER Virtual Storage Appliance Guide v1 EMC Corporation vSpecialist Team February The new Celerra UBER VSA uses this intelligence to now allow *Thin* Configuration is now Perl/Bash based instead of just Bash to keep.

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EMC vVNX for your Home Lab

Time to deploy a VM from a template went from 30, down to 9 minutes. Select the Remote Celerra Network Server This is the screen you can use to modify the NFS export permissions by default, all hosts in your resource pool will have access — but you may want to use subnet-based export permissions. The screenshot below shows my VSA. vs

You will need gude set a maximum capacity up to which the filesystem can grow. Navigate to the Replication Panel Clinton says they may try to include this in the next UBER version, as long as there is consensus that it is beneficial and does no harm.


Always a good idea. Click Next to get going.

We would like to thank the following people for their contribution to this document: For subsequent launches, the pop-up will launch automatically. SSH natively does a reverse celerfa on your IP logging in. The file system has been created, but has not yet been shared by the Celerra VSA.

Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1 – Free Download PDF

Select the interface, followed by clicking Add, then Next. Add any iSCSI interfaces that you want to use. Enter LUN Details Select File Systems from the Storage celrra down to begin the process. The remainder of this section walks the reader through each step of the process manually.

I hope this post helps you get more work done in your lab environment. Please type your message and try again. Compression reduces the amount of storage space consumed by a Virtual Machine that has been created using a thick format.


Appropriate credentials are required a second time when using the troubleshooting console. Select ‘Ongoing File System Replication’ 6.

How to UBER : New Celerra UBER VSA Guide

Click OK to create the export. Your email address will not be published. This process selects a specific VSA on which to perform actions. The IP address is already filled in for you, simply enter the name of the local Celerra. Read and accept the End User License Agreement.

EMC vVNX for home lab

This service uses memory and makes calls to the Linux OS no different than any other process. Enter File System Details Linux can do strange things with the swapfile even when memory is not in contention. Review the summary screen and click Finish.

Select the Source and Destination Interface s that will participate then click Next As such, they require very little storage space. Binding Your Target 3.