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There are four MC in our bodies.

Corso – Le Catene Miofasciali

Mezieres – Official Page Archives – warmfit. If you stretch or shorten a part of a MC the entire chain will shorten.

With its fellow members of the antero-inner chain on the front and inside the body it arches the spine forward and gives a fixed point to the back muscles which can hold on it and thereby reinforce their shortening.

The shoulders are free but the spine is outstretched in an effort of maximum axial lengthening, active and assisted. MCs shorten and stiffen immutably during our life, shortening our stature, twisting and distorting us in a thousand ways — the cause of a multitude of pains, from frozen shoulder to sciatica. The patient complained particularly about her shoulders: The heavy line shows the flexion of the knees to counteract the tendency to lock the knees but, ideally, the knees should be straightand the miofascali of the spine where the skull, scapulae and sacrum are on the same plane.


For this reason all forms of localised work must be completely catne out. Two years ago she and her mother came to me for a consultation. But her findings were real, not a mere illusion.

A long time ago, Socrates exclaimed: The following years were rich in new observations she could turn to practical use. If the posterior MC is not lengthened in its totality, taking care to suppress all compensations, the shortening finds ways to escape the stretch. Hyper-elasticity is an illusion; nobody was ever too supple.

We had to work cautiously because of the pain and the damaged disc. Inge, a British churchman and writer, said: This method, which bears her name, is based on perfectly well ascertained facts.

The work is very physical for both patient and therapist and requires cooperation between them both. Putting him in a position of hyper-correction the opposite of his distortions the pains vanished.

Mezieres – Official Page Archives – warmfitwarmfit

This is because any distortion, even the slightest, will always cause, sooner or later, pain and dysfunction. The muscles that turn the limbs inwards are stronger than the one that turn them outwards. Any partial lengthening is negated by a shortening of the entire MC.


Form is for the sake of function. Her primary discovery was so contrary to orthodox teachings that she spent two years trying to prove herself wrong. To align the trunk.

Postural re-education wants to achieve a postural change through the work on the muscular chains balance. Suffering from back pain for two years, her whole torso had been caged cateme into a brace that did not stop her deformations but gave her plenty of bruises.

Consequently beauty is not skin deep; it is, at the very least, muscle deep. An increased tension of the muscles can cause dysfunction and pain, miofascilai to unbalance between the muscular chains.

catene miofasciali arti superiori | 치료 | Pinterest | Anatomy, Pilates and Chronic pain

He saw a chiropractor for three years with only a palliative effect. He was suffering with cramps in the calves and feet and because of so-called loose joints hyper-elasticity he could not do PE: Beauty is the external sign of health and fitness. At the age of thirty Gareth started to feel twinges in his back that soon became pains.

Metodo MezieresMezieres – Official Page.