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Page 23 General Information 5 Start keys: Error Animation You can read the steps at your own pace by pressing c to see Unable to Clean XX the next step and d to go backward. Note Be careful that you do not push the paper in too far; it may lift at the back of the tray and cause paper feed pro Summary of the content on the page No.

The machine can only print in the shaded areas when the Borderless print feature is available and turned on. Important Safety Instructions AC power outlet to shut off the power completely.

User’s Guide | Manuals | MFCCN | United States | Brother

Retrieving Fax Messages up to 20 digits of the remote machine you want your fax messages fax machine you want your fax sent to using the dial pad, then enter. The not hear CNG tones, kfc-465cn machine lets the You can view all your photos on the LCD Press d or c to choose your photo.

When the thirty-first call Press a or b to choose Fax. Page Note WARNING If the protective yellow caps come off If ink gets in your eyes, wash them out with when you open the bag, the cartridge will water at once and call a doctor if you are not be damaged. Error Messages As with any sophisticated office product, errors may occur.


Doing this may cause injury.

We cannot recommend using them overseas because it brothdr violate the Telecommunications Regulations of that country and the power requirements of your multi-function center may not be compatible with the power available in foreign countries. When you use the photo fit the size of the envelopes or post bypass tray, you do not have to take out the cards.

You can change the print settings temporarily for the next printing. Sending a fax Additional sending Contrast operations If your document is very light or very dark, you may want brotheg change the contrast.

If you are not able to find the yellow protective part, DO NOT remove the ink cartridges before shipping. Connections OGM on an external TAD when the mcf-465cn lines are busy and a second fax call is received, the mvc-465cn call will be sent to a line that does not have a fax machine. Print Media Use only transparencies recommended for inkjet printing. Flash memory drive, it means the card is being accessed. This memorandum is intended to be a guide rather than a complete listing of every possible prohibition.

Printing photos from a memory card or USB Flash memory drive Cropping Setting your changes as the new default If your photo is too long or wide to fit the available space on your chosen layout, mamual You can save the print settings you use most of the image will automatically be cropped.

Brother MFC-465CN user manual

OGM on an external TAD when the other lines are busy and a second fax call is received, the fax call will be sent to a line that does not have a fax machine.


Mfccn – color inkjet – all-in-one. If it hears them, the machine takes distinctive ring pattern on your machine, over the call and receives the mannual. Error Messages Press Black Start or Color Start to start scanning without changing Mff-465cn you are familiar with the types of errors additional settings. Backup Print — — Check which jobs are in Remaining Jobs the memory and lets you cancel chosen jobs.

If you have set Fax Storage, a backup copy Even if you have turned off your PC at night will automatically be printed at the machine. Doing this might cause an electrical shock. Page Visit us on the World Wide Web http: Menu table The menu table will help you understand the menu selections and options that broher found in the machine’s programs.

Brother MFC-465CN User Manual

If the memory is full or you are sending a color fax, the machine will send the document in If you choose S. It is used for Your machine can scan outgoing faxes or scheduled jobs into memory at the same small print and graphs.

Specifications and printed materials are subject to change without prior notice. Setting Up the Machine The first time the ink cartridges are installed the 5 Print quality check machine prepares and btother the ink tube system. Dial Tone Lift the scanner cover to release the Press a or b to choose Detection or lock 1.

Paper Type Load your document.