“Equally at home with the classical Graeco-Roman world and that of the prehistoric European Iron Age, Professor Aldhouse-Green is well equipped to do justice. Boudica Britannia has 17 ratings and 2 reviews. Simon said: This is the most thought provoking book I have ever read on the subject of Boudica’s rebellio. Boudica and beyond. Folklore needs folk heroes, and Britannia delivers. Its main characters include the warrior queen Antedia (Zoë.

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A mysterious outcast from the druids is receiving signs — from the badgers and the frogs, among other authorities — that something in Albion is badly amiss.

Boudica Britannia by Miranda Aldhouse-Green. The ensuing clash is one of the most important – and dramatic – events in the history of Britain, standing testament to what can birtannia when an insensitive colonial power meets determined resistance from a subjugated people head-on. Traveller marked it as to-read Mar 11, Roman Britain Television Sky Atlantic features.

Suetonius conducted punitive operations, but criticism by Classicianus led to an investigation headed by Nero ‘s freedman Polyclitus. One pretext for invading Britain was, according to the historian Cassius Dio, that a British potentate called Berikos had been expelled from Britain and sought asylum in Britania Claudius was thus intervening to restore order, the kind of excuse for military action by a superpower that we might recognise from later eras.

Boudica – Wikipedia

University of Delaware Press. She is considered a British boidica hero. Despite it’s short existence thanks to the wrath of Boudica, remnants of ancient Colchester are still being found by archaeologists like Crummy today.

The remainder took to flight, although escape was difficult, as the cordon of wagons had blocked the outlets.

Stephanie Woodfield marked it as to-read Feb 15, Avellina Balestri rated it liked it Aug 06, Aug 26, Kellene Rees rated it really liked it. Loading comments… Trouble loading? How Queen Boudica waived the rules in Britannia Trivia About Boudica Britannia. When Roman troops threatened to seize the wealth of the Iceni people, their queen, Boudica, retaliated by inciting a major uprising, allying her tribe with the neighbouring Trinovantes.


We have, too, the writings of ordinary Roman officers, vivid snatches of real life in the form of letters and memos preserved britanni the late first century AD in the mud of northern England the famous Vindolanda tablets, discovered in the s and s.

Boudica Britannia : rebel, war-leader and queen / Miranda Aldhouse-Green – Details – Trove

The huge complex of buildings was the biggest in the Latin world outside Rome itself. Military history of ancient Rome. Retrieved 5 July The glory won in brittannia course of the day was remarkable, and equal to that of our older victories: Colette rated it really liked it Jun 20, Karyssa rated it liked it Dec 05, Suetonius considered giving battle there, but considering bludica lack of numbers and chastened by Petillius’s defeat, decided to sacrifice the city to save the province.

Crummy and his team dug a little deeper and uncovered what is known as the Fenwick Treasure. Retrieved 9 September However, Lewis Spence ‘s book Boadicea — warrior queen of the Britons went so far as to include a map showing the positions of the opposing armies.

The country bohdica have selected will result in the following: Hertfordshire Archaeology and History.

Warrior, Mother, and Myth”. Boadicea and Her Daughtersa statue of the queen in her war chariot anachronistically furnished with scythes after the Persian fashion was executed by Thomas Thornycroft over the s and s with the encouragement of Prince Albertwho lent his horses for bouudica as models.

Londinium was abandoned to the rebels, who burnt it down, torturing and killing anyone who had not evacuated with Suetonius.

Londinium was a relatively new settlement, founded after the conquest of AD 43, but it had grown to britannoa a thriving commercial centre with a population of traders, and, probably, Roman officials.


Retrieved from ” https: We provide complimentary e-inspection copies of primary textbooks to instructors considering our books for course adoption.

How Queen Boudica waived the rules in Britannia

Snow and plunging temperatures to mark the start of 4. Raphael Holinshed calls her Voadiciawhile Edmund Spenser calls her Bunducaa version of the name that was used in the popular Jacobean play Bonducain The archelogical record together with the written sources are examined to reveal not just the story of the rebellion that nearly put paid to the Roman occupation of Britain, but also to hint at the complex web of British tribal alliences that may have saved the Romans from total disaster.

Tori Pellish marked it as to-read Apr 21, In AD 60 or 61, when the Roman governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus was campaigning on the island of Anglesey off the northwest coast of WalesBoudica led the Icenithe Trinovantesand others in revolt.

Deb marked it as to-read Feb 25, The student resources previously accessed via GarlandScience.

Giant squid and sexed-up druids: is Britannia Jez Butterworth’s mad masterpiece?

Adriana marked it as to-read Feb 15, The archelogical record together with the written sources are examined to reveal not just the story of the rebellion that nearly put paid to the Roman occupation of Britain, but also This is the most thought provoking book I have ever read on the subject of Boudica’s rebellion against the forces of Rome.

The rebels’ first target was Camulodunum Colchesterthe former Trinovantian capital and, at that time, a Roman colonia. Chau marked it as to-read Oct 24,