Algarve BirdWatching tours, Portugals Algarve, Bird Watching Holidays in the perfect location for Bird Watching Tours in Algarve. Guided Birdwatching in South Portugal Guided Birdwatching Tours and Nature Walks in the Algarve, South Portugal and Andalusia. Birds & Nature offers pre-scheduled group tours in Portugal and Spain (small groups up to seven participants) and to other countries, for which you can make a .

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Best Birding sites

algsrve Your guides are completely open to any style of birdwatching although they personally favour an approach that concentrates on obtaining satisfying views of the species at hand at a comfortable pace.

Watching along the Algarve coast is focused on the Ria Formosa Reserve and the salt pans of Castro Marim, bordering the Guadiana River, which marks the border with Spain. Gerald Malone geraldmalone zoo. Casa Pinheiro – Ria Formosa Accommodation Villa Casa Pinheiro 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, sleeps 8 appeals to people looking for a alfarve and relaxing holiday in the Algarve and who enjoy peace, beauty and sunshine.

Mike arranged the flights from Gatwick via Easyjet which were pretty much on time, and the hotel which we would all highly recommend…. There are species to spot, including storks, avocets, sand pipers, mallards and the ever popular flamingos. The Hoopoe Upupa epops can hardly be missed in the Algarve. Quinta do Lago and Ludo. Note that the itineraries available on these pages can be altered and trips to other destinations are easily arranged. Simon Wates started birdwatching at the age of 11 around his hometown of Manchester, UK and moved to live in southern Spain and Portugal 34 years ago.

Top quality bird watching and wildlife photography tours. Our aim is to take bird lovers and birding enthusiasts on outings to see as many birds as possible on a day tour or half-day tour. There are attractive country walks in the vicinity and there is a wetlands nature reserve nearby with a wealth of bird and plant life not commonly found in the UK. Many birdwatchers have an avid interest in seeing other wildlife and flora and may want to make a special effort to see a rare orchid or a butterfly, for example.

In the north of Portugal the landscape features fine countryside areas with its rolling hills, deep valleys, impressive slopes of the Port terraced vineyards and sheltering villages that still preserve the old community ways.


Birdwatching in the Algarve

Our company is fully-licensed and accredited by Institute for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity and Portugal Tourism Bureau Beware of really cheap sounding tours, the operator may not be licensed or insured and may be operating in Portugal illegally. He has compiled of exhaustive databases for the birdlife, flora, butterflies and protected habitats for the Lagos county council in the western Algarve and has written birewatching articles about Algarvean nature.

Our tour ends at the bird hide at Quinta do Lago. Its landscape varies from mountains and plains, hidden valleys and meadows, extensive pine forests and groves, rocky coasts and beaches, estuaries, river deltas and lagoons.

Our property has 5 acres of land running down to algarv tidal lagoon where local fishermen moor their colourful boats. Casa Pinheiro is surrounded by nature, beaches, walking, fishing and golf courses all close to historic Tavira. Enjoy the sun, pool, and peace.

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Birdwatching in the Algarve: All You Need to Know | AlgarveTips

Salt Marsh Natural Reserve at Castro Marim Covering an area of 2, hectares, the reserve’s biggest attraction is undoubtedly the large number of birds – especially aquatic birds – that can be seen there. We live in Portugal year-round. The year old house has been renovated with true regional and historic features and atmosphere. From our base in Tavira in the Eastern Algarve we offer guiding services to birdwatchers and bird photographers visiting Southern Portugal….

Birdwatching tours in Algarve: The Quinta da Saudade is a small British-run estate of privately-owned villas occupying approximately twenty-four acres about five miles west of Albufeira.

Have special tours that tell the story behind the scenery! You will be surprised at how inexpensive our tours are!

Bee-eaters were calling from all directions, occasionally resting on the wires He can bring you in close contact with all the birdlife of this region — as well as its unique flora and other wildlife. At the junction to the main road there is a small enclosed piece of farmland. This site uses cookies.

Best Birding sites – Visit Portugal Birdwatching

We offer you the chance to get up close and personal with Nature! A total number of bird species have been recorded in the Algarve, including various seabirds, shorebirds, ducks, passarines, birds of prey and many others. However, we can tailor the tour to suit the interests of the group and day trips are also available.

For example, in the old town of Faro, you can see many storks, making their nests on the top of churches and other buildings. Here we have excellent opportunities to observe rare birds like the Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio which is the symbol of this Natural Park, Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutusRed-crested Pochard Netta rufinathe Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus and the Kingfisher Alcedo attis. There is absolutely no better way to experience Portugal than to spend your days birding, walking or sightseeing led by our experienced English-speaking guides.


Because the reserve is a permanent home. Either way, we’ll make sure you have an unforgettable experience, with no time consuming search for places to stay, no research on the best birding sites – our tours are complete and most of all perfectly thought through and organised! The week trip programme is designed to give you the maximum time birding and take you to some of the richest bird spots in southwest Portugal.

There are many creeks — and the Canal de Tavira — where waders and terns are plentiful. Some may have been set already.

Further east, based in Tavira, are June Taylor and Peter Dedicoat, known as Algarve Birdersboth of whom have many years experience birding in the Algarve and elsewhere. Welcome to Quintassential where Rosa and Mike offer four delightful cottages in their old Quinta. On the other side of the lagoon is a 5 mile long sandy beach…. We did not hire a car so were limited in habitats visited i. With so many bird species visible throughout the year, you may find that deciding where to go on your birding holiday to the Algarve may be a bit overwhelming.

Welcome to Casa Rosa a bird watching paradise in Portugal. Because the reserve is a permanent home to some species, a seasonal refuge for others and a migratory stopping off point for yet others, it offers ornithologists a constantly changing year round panoply of sights and sounds.

Another highlight here was a super view of a yellow-browed warbler. To most people the Algarve with its magnificent sandy beaches, hot and sunny summers and mild winters is a well known holiday destination. We offer you the flexibility of choosing when, where and with whom you travel – why not ask a few friends or family to come with you?