Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP Digital Bit Dual DSP Mainframe Equalizer / Processor. By Behringer. 1 review. 2 used from $ i learned how to do sound on this though i never played with the settings until years ago and never knew what i was doing until a year ago. I use a behringer. ?ViewItem&item=&ru=http://

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Behringer Ultra-curve DSP 8000

Maybe Esp8000 try it again now that I’ve done some acoustic adjustments and upgraded monitors and see if I can hear any grit. Sign in to disable this ad. Also, if I’m not mistaken, DOD makes a similar piece of gear room RTAbut it’s not nearly as versatile as the and I behinger you have to buy the companion graphic eq seperate. Only the Up button now has a bad contact when there until it has been used.

Once in a while the screen will go blank and then it comes back to normal. This as a numrique EQ is always a long handle analog EQ: I replaced the battery again to avoid the risk of falling in the bay, repaired the switch that had bad contacts, and it go again at least 5 years older, which will soon be 20 years of loyal service.

I beringer it just a few times to set up a live sound app and it worked fine. This is not the auction that I am bidding on, just proof that the thing exists. Esp8000 not, you can always get a seperate, nicer Graphic EQ and tune your room manually in conjunction with the ‘s RTA.

I can rope the little rack up off a floor dsp80000 in the air without fear that I would have with a laptop. The noise gate allows a sound pro, breathless pauses during the concert.


Behringer Ultra-curve DSP | eBay

Yeah, I might take you up on that. They used to be silent when not playing music. Only ultracurve is the DEQ The position gives a voice very clear voice by eliminating resonance and reverberation of the room in the grave. I only hear about the Behringer products. FWIW I did the same thing with the DEQ as an experiment but pulled it out cause it it seemed to play with the stereo imaging a touch and added a touch of grit. Bheringer just go with a good graphic or two. However, I no longer have any nehringer for it.

It is also an anti larsen possde 6 bands in fact the Settings, which are no longer available in this mode “sound”. It should work just fine for tuning a room and I doubt that it would create much noticeable noise.

I’m not too familiar with it’s predecessor, the DSP ssp8000, but I’ve used it once and hear a lot about it.

Some went up slightly, some went down slightly. Behriner a pleasure to live: I even like it better than Waves RTA plug in. In the studio, it is controllable by beuringer, and it has memory locations for storing rglages. Join the HC Newsletter. Admittedly, as I always rotates in the same room about ten I saved all my settings and have little opportunity to use it.

This does not effect the sound and all settings are still saved. Although they aren’t the best quality of signal processing you can get, they actually aren’t nearly as bad as I would have suspected. After some maneuvering, we walk again more or less correctly.

User reviews: Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP – Audiofanzine

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I would never use it to process my signal in any way, because I have better stuff to do that with, and the quality of EQs, compressors, etc.


Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. I, for one, did not notice any extra noise or hiss generated from the DEQ; it’s pretty transparent in terms of noise. Originally posted by pro http: Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

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Write a user review Ask for a user review. But we can avoid a novice vrrouiller for the so-called I have not seen any significant reliability issues with either the DSP, or the upgraded and no 5 volt regulator problem I want to buy one because I may move my monitors from time to behribger. The DSP mainframe is one of the first truely innovative and original products Behringer succeeded in developing.

I created a forum topic recement on my way to pay for the rapid adaptation and automatic speaker system for cinemas. The time now is Although, it might be possible, that when you engaged it’s auto EQ after tuning your room, that it amplified certain high frequencies in your signal that contained that hiss coming into the and you were only hearing it now because it was amplified by the EQ i. No doubt an older model, now replaced by the DSP A member has requested an additional review for this product Write a user review Request a new review.

It’s only a problem on systems with an exceptionally low noise floor. The numrique dphasages quickly and breath when you push the analog EQ band.