bedini-sg-complete-handbook-series-bedini-schoolgirl-motor Handbook and video package is for experimenters at all levels. Bedini SG’s full disclosure packs. Hello everyone, We are excited to announce the release of a new book: Bedini SG – The Complete Beginner’s Handbook You can support. This Complete Bedini SG Handbook solves this problem by giving you the most detailed, step-by-step instructions, that have ever been compiled. It gives the.

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John has always, from the very first, referred to the device as a “self-rotating energizer” or simply as an “energizer.

Meanwhile, the other magnet is approaching the generator coil, and is also being attracted to the small amount of iron there. The true purpose of the device is to have a very specific effect on the battery that is powering it, and to keep itself rotating! This first success did not produce the results that John was looking for.

It is a true gift indeed! With the coil wound “clockwise”, this current flow is in the wrong direction to activate the transistor, so the transistor stays OFF during the approach of the magnet. These demonstrations simply show you that what we told you is true.

The new Diode must block currents from the second battery from discharging through the Main Coil. First public demonstration of a feature of the circuit that allows you to adjust how much radiant energy is being captured by the batteries!

This has never been discussed in this kind of detail before. It does break a number of ways that certain “Laws of Physics” have been generally interpreted, thereby demonstrating that these generally believed interpretations are not wholly correct.

It is a true gift indeed! Preview demonstration of a multi-coil machine with an automatic battery rotator allowing it to recycle the energy that it is running on to produce extremely extended run times.

Clear enough for a beginner, out of the box enough for the advanced to bevini the SG tech beyond its present state. In the first part of the presentation, I review the specific kind of electrcity, which John Bedini specified in his Free Energy Generator book, which has been available for the last 32 years.


The Control section of the circuit is the part that tells the power section “what to do” and “when to do it. John Bedini has posted various schematics and explanations on these methods over the years and some of these methods are even shown in his patents. Remarkably, the direction of flow of electricity through the Diode is in the opposite direction of this handobok.

Multiple working models were shown at a “Tesla Conference” in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the same year. It was a combination of an electric motor, a flywheel, a rotating switch, a battery, and a specially built electric generator he referred to as an “energizer. Ever since that time, he has been working on perfecting a “self-running” machine.

At least, it was not discharging the battery as fast as the science teachers thought it should be discharging, according to what they knew about “electrical science. Not really, as described above.

Recently, John consolidated several of his energizer internet discussion groups into one new forum for people to visit and learn about his technology. Forrest Mims or by going to Amazon. This method represents the true meaning of “Energy Conservation.

Lucky for us, John Bedini spent 20 years experimenting and teaching himself about this process until he understood it so well he could teach it to a 10 year old school girl. You will be walked through the history and chronology of the various capacitive discharge methods that John Bedini has used over bevini years.

This feature allows the machine to run from two batteries, charge a third battery and automatically rotate the batteries around for extremely extended run times. In this way, it actually “conserves” energy better than ordinary machines. This feature allow the machine to run from two batteries, charge a third battery and automatically rotate the batteries around for extremely extended run times. One end of the diode is called the “Cathode” C handbolk the other end is called the “Anode” A.

This book brought a lot of clarity for me. I have read a lot of the forums, and this book is the best information I could find.


It is the combined electrical and mechanical energy outputs that exceed the electrical energy input. If you are having trouble with this, please refer back to the earlier descriptions of the battery and the transistor. Thank you all for putting this together. We hope that the experience of learning about the Bedini SG is as rewarding and enriching for you as it was for us.


You will just have to wait for the final product. The words you are searching are inside this book. Secondly, the model that Shawnee Baughman built is sized to simply “demonstrate” certain principles in electrical science.

This presentation is the perfect companion to this book and allows you to see many of the principles demonstrated. The machine I demonstrated this year has two motor coils and ten low-drag generator coils. You’ll need to know all of this stuff as you move into the next chapter, where you will find complete instructions on how to build your very own model of the Bedini SG.

Bedini SG PDF – FREE! « Exotic Science

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: This was beidni by a number of people who helped from the audience. When all of these changes are made, it brings us to the quintessential Bedini Mono-Pole Energizer circuit that is extremely similar to the diagram shown in US Patent 6,, issued in April of That means that there is an induced magnetic field in the iron with a South Pole facing the wheel and a North Pole facing down.

To handnook something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. It’s time for you to build your own Bedini SG! Having an interest in helping younger folks learn about his technologies, John coached the girl, named Shawnee Baughman, on how to build a small energizer, based handbooj his designs.

The Output is the speaker system where you can listen to the music at a controllable volume. Rest assured, these exist. And what it does is run a very long time on the battery without the battery running down.