Bapsi Sidhwa is a Pakistani novelist of Gujarati Parsi descent who writes in English and is resident in the United States. She is best known for her collaborative work with Indo-Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta: Sidhwa wrote both the novel Ice Candy Man. Cracking India (also known as Ice Candy Man) is one of those novels that .. Bapsi Sidhwa’s novel is an incredibly moving account of the partition of India. Read this article to know about the justification of the title Ice Candy Man novel by Bapsi Sidhwa, Connotations of title ice candy man, ice candy man.

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Then I read it, waiting for the porn to happen. Earth by Deepa Mehta. Oct 07, Rose rated it it was ok Shelves: Sidhwa quotes Jinnah’s voice announcing Pakistan as a secular country. Please try again later. Bapsi Sidhwa is great authour. Its companion piece movie Earth is visually stunning and finest film ever made on this subject, a true motion picture. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. It takes place in s Lahore and is narrated by a young girl camdy an affluent Parsee family.

They are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and parsis. The biggest difficulty in reading this book, though, was attempting to keep track the huge number of characters that were introduced.

Cracking India

I had to step away from the descriptions of rape, torture and murder of women and children. Her Ayah nanny is Hindu and gives Lenny the love that she seems to lack from her busy mother.

But before the British could be kicked out, a decision had to be made about who was going to rule the area upon their leaving, and this led to major conflicts between the Muslims and Hindus in the subcontinent not the only religious parties in the area but certainly those in the majority who both had different ideas about maan should happen.


He also becomes a poet. The story continues against the background of the political storm brewing in the colonial world of India, as the British Empire recedes, and the division into two nations, India and Pakistan, leaving violence, destruction, and rivers of blood in its wake.

Ice-Candy Man

The fact now haunts me at night, thanks a lot. I can see why some people would want it banned, but it is no more violent than the actual events were. And an enemy to their enemies. Men cadny all religions and ages are drawn to her. He hopeful that this study will be of great help to students and general readers worldwide.

Once families were forcibly evacuated, mass looting took place and new families moved into the evacuated homes. Letizia Muratoriter.

Playing British gods under the ceiling fans of the Faletti’s Hotel – behind Queen Victoria’s gardened skirt – the Radcliff Commission deals out Indian cities like a pack of cards. And then a Mussulman! Marcello Foissec.

Parsi Community in Ice Candy Man by Bapsi Sidhwa | English Summary

With dust in my mouth, I am abject: This can be interpreted and justified in two ways. After a while, a fire brigade wan arrives. He is one of the admirers of Shanta Devi who is a Hindu.

It is a story about Lenny-baby and her coming of age story during a time when India decided to split and partly become Pakistan. Although “Cracking India” is a novel, Bapsi Sidhwa captures the hearts of her readers through the eyes of Lenny, a young girl, who, “just like that” became a citizen of Pakistan. India is going to be broken. Moreover, it focuses on feminism.


One gets to see the destructive side of love. Archived from the original on September 27, When it all comes to a peak no one is safe and everybody feels the traumatic effects of splitting a nation. Her works have now been translated into Russian, French and German. In addition, the scene at Pir Pindo is contrasting to the first one, when Lenny visited this place. I have a radio. Lenny enjoys a happy, privileged life in Lahore, but the kidnapping of her beloved Ayah signals a dramatic change.

It looks at Partition as a means Postcolonial perspectives on partition: Osvaldo Guerrieriter. The Skeleton and Other Stories. Though it is arguably one of the best, if not the best work, on this theme, it is still bitter to read despite its excellence, or maybe because of it.

Born on August 11, in Karachi, in what is now Pakistan, and migrating shortly thereafter to Lahore, Bapsi Sidhwa witnessed the blo Bapsi Sidhwa is Pakistan’s leading diasporic writer. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Start reading Ice-Candy-Man on your Kindle in under a minute.

Cracking India by Bapsi Sidhwa

Great service by amazon!!!! A good read indeed. The other perspective of vindicating the significance of the title is to narrate the story of Ice Candy Man. Nicola Lagioiasec.

Once communal and obscurant passions are aroused, the social fabric is torn asunder, leading to wanton and reckless destruction. He also sees the sack filled with the breasts of Muslim women. Customers who bought this item also bought.