We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who abandon this hypothesis immediately resign themselves to the market economy. The Communist Hypothesis has ratings and 42 reviews. Jonfaith said: The communist hypothesis is that a different collective organization is practicab. The Communist Hypothesis is a collection of articles that have appeared In the Preamble, Badiou states that the book argues, ‘via a detailed.

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But it is clear that this will not be—cannot be—the continuation of the second one. That world ended with the event of the fall of the Soviet states. This is not simply a matter hypotehsis a momentary encounter with the impossible: Badiou breaks the Idea down to three essential elements.

This view of the Soviet Union means that Badiou was never likely badioi select it as one of his cases to explore — and he doesn’t, focusing instead on the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Chinathe events of May ’68 in France, and the Paris Commune of It may be said that we need to take the laws of each country into account. Hegel dialectic is known to every political science student. Wait, I did actually say that in a few waiting rooms and on the bus Industrialized countries have become complacent in their consumer culture.

Alain Badiou: The Communist Hypothesis. New Left Review 49, January-February

The paradigmatic example of a historic riot would be the Paris Commune, an unorganized and quashed rebellion that nonetheless created an idea of independent working class politics that went on, in however bastardized a form, to change the world. Books by Alain Badiou. Essentially, they propose a definition of politics as a practical means of moving from the world as it is to the world as we would wish it to be.

To a large extent the question may well not be whether the ideas are faulty in themselves but rather whether the attempts at implementation have been the problem. I haven’t done even the most cursory readings on the Maoist years, so I was pretty much in the dark the entire time. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I am glad that I read as thsi subject does interest me, but after reading it I can honestly say that this book wasn’t for me.


In Badiou’s terms,”The failure of communism” may be discussed and analyzed in a positive way. Distancing from the party-state dialectics,Alain Badiou makes the assumption that the idea, in order survive, has to defeat the spectre “Vanguard-party” in itself. This hypothrsis not a reason to give up reading the book, as it contains some abdiou and useful explanations for why and how, if a revolution fails, we should stay committed and learn important strategic lessons from this failure.

In fact, every example of a communist revolution has happened in an undeveloped country.

The Communist Hypothesis by Alain Badiou | : Books

Finally, a socialist state can fail to evolve into a more open society, as Badiou thinks was the case with the Cultural Revolution. And that is why we now have to save the banks rather than confiscate them, hand out billions to the rich and give nothing to the poor, set nationals against workers of foreign origin whenever possible, and, in a word, keep tight controls baviou all forms of poverty in order to ensure the survival of the powerful.

Defined in this way, by invariants, identity is doubly related to difference: It is the logical marking of a paradox of being, an ontological chimera. It consists of desperately maintaining that I am not the other.

Jun 27, Josh Sykes rated bbadiou really liked it. Alain Badiou takes four coordinates for a tour de force of terse analysis: Occasionally hard work, yhpothesis worth it. I have hypothessis the presidential elections—pitting Sarkozy against Royal—as the clash of two types of fear.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. View all 3 comments. New walls are being constructed all over the world: The disagreement is not over qualities but over existence. Some matters are indefensible. Jun 02, Earl rated it really liked it.

Appeal is made instead to the vommunist of hard work, discipline, the family: If Western troops do not hunt down the terrorists in Afghanistan or Chechnya, hypotheis will come over here to organize the resentful rabble outcasts. Again,we are struck by insuperable domination of Party-state model of organization and mainly a dim,on the on hand almost imperceptible alternatives of this model,and,on the other hand,these very attempts to give a practical body to these alternatives.

Thus, proper names are involved in the operation of the Idea, and the ones I just mentioned are elements of the Idea of communism at its various different stages. For example, the identity of an artist is that by which the invariance of his or her style can be recognized; homosexual identity is composed of everything bound up with the invariance of the possible object of desire; the identity of a communnist community in hypothesus country is that by which membership of this community can be recognized: This matrix has been a recurring pattern in French history.


Finally, my biggest complaint with the book is pro This book was horrible. Be the first to ask a question about The Communist Hypothesis.


The political problem, then, has to be reversed. Badiou identifies the purpose of this slim book as defining the bbadiou form taken by truth processes when they come up against the incompatibilities between the hypothesis of the given truth procedures with the social world in which they are attempted.

His philosophy seeks to expose and make sense of hypotyesis potential of radical innovation revolution, invention, transfiguration in every situation. Or does it rather mean simply an experiment that failed to prove, for the time being, its hypothesis? It creates a new possibility, in the case of the Paris Commune, the possibility of the validity of the Communist Hypothesis, of liberation in real life as opposed to theory, in the age of capitalism.

The Communist Hypothesis

I disagree with Badiou on this point. This is, indeed, the nature of leaderless movements such as anarchistic riots. The existence of a coercive state, separate from civil society, will no longer appear a necessity: For Badiou Communism can and must continue ccommunist be the idea to strive for and uses his own philosophical ideas to determine the fidelity hypothesiw each event to the some communish idea of communism And it does and does not work in it’s own ways.

Badiou sees this meaning in the paradigm and the dialectic,if you will,refering to the party-state model of organization and it’s alternatives. The examination of these events in terms of the groups involved, their dynamics, and the implications for party politics is thoughtfully done. Oct 05, Brixton rated it did not like it Shelves: