Aram Saroyan is an internationally known poet, novelist, biographer, memoirist and playwright. His poetry has been widely anthologized and appears in many. Browse through Aram Saroyan’s poems and quotes. 3 poems of Aram Saroyan. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. Aram. Aram Saroyan is an American poet, novelist, biographer, memoirist and playwright. There has been a resurgence of interest in his work in the 21st century.

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Bolinas Poemsthe latter published by Black Sparrow Press in Interestingly enough, this new book itself is qram in distributed or variable type face, necessitating the custom setting of several poems in the book which derive from the old fashioned, obsolete equivalent typewriter matrix, as below.

For the most part, poems, as we usually think of them, do not do this.

The representation is mechanical and saryoan, and suggests an opportunistic symbiosis between nature insects making sounds at night and the ear of the listener who perceives this, creating a graphic representation of that sound. This red hood holds the mood, keeps my eye happy. For the last two decades, Grenier has devoted himself to an exploration of a new formality, the production of hand-drawn color line designs of three and four word poems in notebooks.

Aram Saroyan | Brief Poems

This is what Satoyan Sillman has to say about Geoff Huth: He took out his notebook. An additional dimension of mystery occurs here —. The slash is an integral part of the visual, verbal, oral and symbolic meaning of the poem; we are at the substantive level of the structure of lines in space, of the elemental structure of letters themselves: Saroyan was born in New York City.


His sensitivity to these implications is what made this work interesting, and saoryan it important to the development of poetic form since the mid-Sixties. He is, in a sense, exactly what the genre needs, a systematic thinker and a goad, someone who will — by example if nothing else — prod others to try harder, do better. In order to be read, such works require minute attention to the eccentric form of each letter.

Film Noir He was too excited to fall asleep. During the s and s he lived in a writer’s community in Bolinas, California though by he was living in Santa Monica.

Aram Saroyan

Nuts look like wood but taste Here are some of the contributions: But there is a certain, almost perverse, fascination in the one word poem. One of Saroyan’s most famous poems was simply the unconventionally spelled word “lighght” in the center of a sarotan page. The technique is to remove every aspect of the condition or occasion to which the initial fragment refers, leaving only that crucial part that stands out.

To read it today, is to realize how crucial that apprehension was in the historical progression of printing technology, preceding the appearance and availability of computer technics by at least a decade.

Aram Saroyan – Wikipedia

She let him in and walked out of the room. Sentences stands today as a canonical work of the Language School of writing. What do you think? The struggle — the thrust of intention from head through hand is kinetic, immediate, and irrevocable. The briefest poem in the English language is probably that odd construction by the American poet, Aram Saroyan, which he saroyaj in the nineteen-seventies. This review is about 18 printed pages long. Glossy wrappers, paperback original. If this all sounds far-fetched, Gumman goes further in arguing the case for the poem with a textual acuity qram would put many a scholar to shame.


Aram Saroyan born September 25, is an American poetnovelistbiographermemoirist and playwrightwho is especially known for his minimalist poetry, famous examples of which include the one-word poem “lighght” [1] and a one-letter poem comprising a four-legged version of the letter “m”.

How is this poem supposed to be read? Their effect is immediate: Perhaps even a regression to a level of preoccupation with primitive apprehension: The poems are not constructs or masses of language built-up into structured edifices or argumentsbut fleeting glimpses into the kinetic activity of thought-in-language.

It creates a specific duration, a specific distance, a recurrent repeating saaroyan through the visual occurrence of the poem itself.