APTRANSCO/APGENCO Assistant Engineer AE Electrical Previous Question Papers | Indian Shout. Like. 0. Home. About. Contact us. Here we are providing you the APTRANSCO/APGENCO Questions with Answers .These questions were collected from previous. APTRANSCO-APGENCO QUESTION PAPERS HI FRIENDS I HAVE COLLECTED THE QUESTIONS ASKED IN PREVIOUS APTRANSCO.

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Temperature of electrode in Arc furnace is a deg b deg c deg to deg d deg Ans: A system with gain margin close to unity or a phase margin close to zero is highly stable oscillatory relatively stable none of these Root locus diagram exhibits the frequency response of a system poles of the transfer function for a set of parameter values bandwidth of system all of the above Increase in the gain K makes the system more stable unstable none of above The transfer function of a system is used to determine the output for a given input the type of system the input for a given output the steady state gain In a servo system the voltage induced in the control transformer rotor is the error voltage driving voltage opposing voltage none of these With the feedback system, the transient response decays slowly decays rapidly rises slowly rises quickly Measurements and Instrumentation Which of the following types of instrument is an integrating instrument?

The two watt meters measurement the ratio of two meter readings is — 1-sqrt3: Which is the most suitable power device for high frequency more kHz switching application?

And also send me kindly prefered text books also. Send us Transco previous paper to my I.

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Also,I want study which are the preffered text books thankig you. Good regulation means a Less fluctuations fo no-load to full-load b c d Ans: Vab is modeo then angle between Vab and Ib is a deg b deg c deg d deg Ans: Field flux production Core loss component current decreases, Magnetizing component current decreases In an induction machine, if the air gap increased a Speed will be reduced b Efficiency will be improved c Power factor will be lowered d Breakdown torque will be reduced Ans: For a single-phase a.


Sir please send me the all previous papers and model papers of apgenco and transco to my email ID. If yes, pls send them me also Electrical Engg.

In Induction motor Slip frequency of rotor current, when rotor speed is Nr. I changed my font at thecutestblogontheblock.


Flue gases coming out from furnace is first going through a Turbine b Economizer c Air pre-heater d Chimney Ans: Lag net work Newer Post Older Post Home. Good evening sir, i am studying in 3rd b-tech i want to prepare from now onwards i want pevious year question papers and pattern and preffered text books for preparation.

In a shaded pole motor, shaded rings are used to a Field flux production b c d Ans: Practical method of improving string efficiency a Increasing crass arms length b Using different size of insulators c Using different insulator materials d Using of guard rings Ans: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Linkbar Home careers blogs Apcpdcl. When V dc shunt machine generating the voltage at rated value. Harmonics are eliminated by using a Skewing of rotor b Distribution winding c Short pitch winding d Electrcal of the above Ans: Ebooks Electrical engg vol-1 Electrical engg vol-2 Electrical engg vol-3 Electrical engg vol In Gauss Seidel method the following factors are influenced for operation a Acceleration factor b Selection of slack buss c Both d None Ans: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Moving Coil Voltmeter Hot wire voltmeter Electro Dynamo meter Electrostatic Voltmeter Which of the following you will prefer to extend the range of an ac voltmeter?

When moving iron meter is used to measure d.

No build up of voltage The phase lead compensation is used to a Increase rise time and decrease overshoot b Decrease both rise time and overshoot c Increase both rise time and overshoot d Decrease rise time and increase overshoot Ans: Transient stability can be improved by a By putting series capacitor b By using dynamic resister c Auto re-closers d All of the above Ans: If direction of rotation is reversed, then machine will a Build up its voltage with same polarity b Build up its voltage with opposite polarity c No build up of voltage d None Ans: Learn how your comment data is processed.


For parallel operation of transformer at no load, then load shared are equal when a Impedance is proportional with respect to own KVA rating b c d Ans: Find Vab a Zero b 50 at an angle of 90 deg c 50 at an angle of 90 deg d None Ans: Power factor will be lowered Your email address will not be published. All of the above Share this on WhatsApp.

APTRANSCO/APGENCO Assistant Engineer AE Electrical Previous Question Papers | Indian Shout

Posted by Srinivas goud at 8: Your email address will not be published. The slip and rotor ohmic losses at full load are a 0.

A dc cumulatively compounded motor delivers rated load torque at rated speed. Then rotor producing slip field rotates with respect to stator is modeel Slip frequency b Nr c Ns d None Ans: In bode plot the point which separates the lower and upper frequencies is called a Critical point b Cut-off point c d Ans: Mho relay is usually employed for the protection of a Short lines only b Medium lines only c Long lines only d Any line Ans: When Alternator excitation increases and aptrasco is operating at lagging power factor then a I increase b I decreases c No effect on current d None Ans: Good morning sir, please send to mail for the all previous year question papers of gor and genco.