Density at 15 °C = kg/m3 (table 54B). Refer to bulletin V for more . Values calculated as per API Standard () Chapter To obtain the net. found in the second column of Table 1. standard density value stated in Table 1, in conjunction with the API table 54 B, at the . API Chapter ,. Gasoline: Alcohol Blends. (15% alcohol max). Table 54B. The volume correction tables to be used are those known to be . API chapter Table 54B (mean density), API chapter M.

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Please refer to the applicable bulletin for tables approved for specific chatper petroleum-based products. This bulletin communicates the policy and outlines the procedures for the manual correction of measured liquid volumes to equivalent volumes at reference conditions. The purpose of revision 3 was to update the format of the bulletin to meet web accessibility requirements.


V—Manual correction of measured liquid volumes to equivalent volumes at reference conditions Category: If the temperature is to be manually determined, the contents of section 3 of this bulletin apply. Monitoring of the marketplace has shown that the procedures set out in this bulletin have not been universally applied, vhapter resulting in inaccurate trade measurement and potential fraud. P E is “0” for liquids which have an equilibrium vapour pressure less than It shall also state the reference pressure used, the reference density used, the mean temperature, mean pressure as tablee as the net and gross meter registrations.

Correction factors for the effect of pressure C pl on propane liquid volume Source: These tables are summarized in Table 1. Read the VCF corresponding to the mean liquid temperature.

API MPMS Ch. | Flow-Cal

This table is either as prescribed in section of the Weights and Measures Regulations or in the appropriate bulletin. For additional information regarding this bulletin, please contact the Senior Program Officer responsible for volume. For these reasons, the practice of manual temperature compensation, at all levels of trade, will not be permitted after January 1, In situations where pressure compensation is desirable, additional dynamic pressure sensing elements must be provided in the metering installation.


Since chaptee time, the demand on manufacturers for this equipment has subsided and prices are more competitive. However, such corrections or conversions must be performed using proper and prescribed methods in order to ensure an accurate statement of the net quantity.

API M Stream Density

It shall also state the reference density tabble, the mean temperature, the gross meter registration and the calculated net quantity. The purpose of revision 2 was to set a date after which the practise of manual temperature compensation will not be allowed. If needed, interpolate the VCF value to the nearest 0.