Read Yajurveda Abasthamba Abara Prayogam book reviews & author details and more at Manthras for apara samskaras and their kriyas. May 21, of gleaned knowledge from Anna’s Sradha Vidhi, Srinivasan’s Pithru Yagnam And Yajurvediya Apasthambha Apara Prayogam by Anna. Jan 19, 2. aashvalaayana puurva-apara-prayogam > 3. aashvalaayana shraaddha prayogam: 2 and 3 are smaarta prayoga texts for > the R^ig vedins.

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This compilation gives the rituals that have to be performed on the Sradha day. The Boktha representing Pithrus should wash his hand first and do Aachamana.

Add akshatha on all the eight sides of the fire, take ghee four times with the small spoon and pour it in the big spoon in the left hand, keep the small spoon down, transfer the big spoon to right hand and do Homa. Then we have to sit before the leaf of the Brahminfold our left leg and do the necessary rituals inviting him to eat the food like abhihara.

This was replaced by fire prayogan the Kitchen stow and nowadaysCamphor is lit to make the agni. Then pray to the father, grandfather and great grandfathertelling them that the food which is tasty and pure has been prepared for them. Then pour a drop of water and prayogxm another priest to represent the pithrus and give him seat by offering him a Durbha.

The place for Homa should be cleaned up and like tilling the land we have to draw lines on the floor apsra the fire should be installed. He represents the Vishnu who is requested to protect the Sradha.

Pindas are offered to the three generation of Pithrus and not only to the Pithru to qpara Sradha is done.

The honoring of Viswedevas as above should be done with Upaveethi and to Pithrus aapara Pracheenavithi. Here the youngest family member goes first followed by people of the family in the order of their age.


When we mention the time like Thithi day season etc we should wear the sacred thread normally and the later part with Pracheenavithi.

அபர ப்ரயோகம் – Apara Prayogam – Sri Vaishnava Sri, Srirangam

Again water has to be sprinkled on the rice This should be first done before the leaf of Viswedevas and then the pithrus The line is from east to west and we have to sprinkle water mixed withy Gingelly and later Maha Vishnu.

Then the other two. Spread Durbha grass to the west of the fire and place the ghee cup on it. After this Homa is done. pgayogam

Then with Upaveethi face northmeditate on God Vishnu and think the place as Gaya and then with Pracheenavithiface south meditate on our ancestors and request the permission of Brahmins to start the Sradha. We should then ask the pardon of the Bhokthas for troubling them by giving unsuitable food and then put our upper cloth before them on the floor.

Once we adopt the priesthe is our Guru Teacher and we have to follow his orders. Even if Vishnu is not represented by a Brahmin, all items should be served.

Then they would walk over it. Then the Kartha should do Aachamana Pinda means rice balls. Put Asana seat for the three people to take their food. ThankQ for sharing this information.

Then one should spread Durba grass to the south of the Homa fire and keep two small brass. Normally every one performs Sradha only to his parents but it should be offered by us to apaea those to whom we have performed death ceremony, Real parents in case we are adopted, Grandparentsif they die after the death of all their sons and brother of father if he does not have a sonbrother if he does not have a son.


In some families they call three Brahmins and the third Brahmin represents Vishnu. We have to do the Sankalpa for it and pour Gingelly water in places where Pinda is going to be kept.

அபர ப்ரயோகம் – Apara Prayogam

Please remember that for Viswe devas and Vishnu we should wear our sacred thread Upaveethi and for Pithrus Przyogam Anonymous August 16, at 5: Then the major and minor spoons made of wood or leaves of Pales tree should be shown to the fire. The elders of the family should tell their young ones as to what is the family custom.

We should then request our ancestors who have been cremated by fire or buried to accept the Pinda and be happy. This Homa is followed by Homa of ghee onlyby chanting bhoo swaha, bhuva swaha.

After the Sradha to the parentsnext day early morning, The Paraheni Tharpana addressed to our paternal ancestors is done. Then all the clan family members present there do three pradakshinams to pfayogam Brahmins and do Namaskarams to them. This ritual is done with sacred thread on the left shoulder 4. Repeat this with differing mantras till this preliminary Homa is over.

Give Dakshina to the Brahmins.

[Advaita-l] Prayoga texts from the raajaa-vedapaaThashaalaa

Get more information contact us. After this we have to wash the feet of the Brahmins representing Viswedevas and Pithrus. Act as if you are digging the place using Durbha. Then we should give Arghya to Vishnu with pure water.