This poem made me feel a lot of emotions. The trapped bird Rodriguez-Araque gado por diego fajardo · Pembaca. Rodríguez Araque, Alí. Antes de que se me olvide: conversación con Rosa Miriam Elizalde. La Habana: Editora Política. Google Scholar. Chávez first appointed Alí Rodríguez Araque, well-known oil nationalist .. Antes de que se me olvide: conversación con Rosa Miriam Elizalde.

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The core of the problem that a Socialist Revolution has to face and solve sprouts from the economy. The projected and immediate actions are to be taken in the olvude of the macro economy. The leadership will tell you em we do have it. This is one of the best and most comprehensive brief articles I have read about the situation in Venezuela. This is the strongest foundation we have to support the endurance of this extraordinary revolutionary event we are experiencing in Venezuela.

The situation left after all the above narrated, is very difficult because the model of Bolivarian Socialism is in serious trouble: Also, is urgent that we send a clear message to investors of middle size and even big corporations, that we have an area of the economy were they can work without the hazard of being expropriated, this does not mean they are not going to be supervised to control if they abide with the regulations.

Is recognition that there must be room for the activity of individualism in a way that it does not go against the interest of the collectivity. There cannot be exceptions. Because, the vanguard may start a process of education and cultural progress for children and youth that will impact the future, albeit the partisans of the revolution that out off their enthusiasm to get rid of years of very bad conservative governments voted in the polls for its victory are not properly prepared cadres of a socialist process, nevertheless you can count them in for the revolution but keeping in mind that they will be subject to all sort of pressures directed towards habits from the past to induce a change in the electoral trend.

In Socialism is exactly the contrary but this must not be taken as the suppression of the second over the first. Oil production went down as low as twenty thousand barrels per day from three million barrels per day and all residents of Venezuela suffered the lack of domestic gas for cooking and gasoline for transportation.


Remember when we wrote about the immanence of individualism ve solidarity dde how Capitalism enhances the first in detriment of the second. Albeit, none of that diminished the economic war, the sabotage, on the contrary it got worse, overall after the MUD opposition parties organization decided to abandon the dialogue without a public explanation. The biggest compromise of all belongs to the vanguard that must be absolutely unified, dedicated, loyal, honest and brave.

We have no doubt that his gigantic leadership capacities kept under control this inherited trends from the previous thirty years of local political life, albeit, after President Chavez fell ill, overall the last six months before his earthly departure and since he passed away, the sack ripped and rodrigeuz moved fast and freely.

They use all sort of means: You must be logged in to post a comment. The same year of the opposition -taking advantage of the aue control they had over the oil industry PDVSA — staged an oil stoppage that lasted almost three months November and December ofplus most part of January, If the capacity to deliver Capital is limited, what are the priorities? What I am trying to get at is that in a first arzque of the process of installment of Socialism, you can only have support from a limited number of people prepared to create, induce, enhance and maintain changes; the rest of technical, professional and bureaucratic back up will come out of the same people that for years served in the old system, and probably carry with them the virtues roddiguez a third and fourth grade university degree, but also with the vices proper of the capitalist system.

All of us have to direct our efforts towards that goal.

If what exists is a fully developed economy with the means of production totally in private hands, the solution is relatively easy: But we are not talking about a plan that goes down from big goals to details with duration of more than twenty years in order to develop our country and create a Venezuelan Socialism. Shortage of medicines and manufactured goods; 3. EconomyEconomicsVenezuela 1 comment. II What is Socialism Today?


Wikileaks de Venezuela: así salió el director del canal Globovisión

This plan has to fight off corruption with special dedication, even more, with devotion. Is important to point out that all the attacks to terminate early with the presidential period of Hugo Chavez received support from extraterritorial powers, the most prominent were from US and Spain. To supply food and health to an ample poor sector of society, to handout jobs, to proportion working fields to pheasants, all were tasks that needed urgent attention.

The decrease of currency income harms the import capacity; 8. Username or Email Address. We have to build more penitentiaries, well prepared to receive inmates, to humanize them with education and work. The PSUV and allies have to be the purest and more dedicated vanguard regarding this matter.

We are aware that there is a war dedicated to create difficulties and end the Bolivarian Process. I am talking about Popular Power that is implemented through Communal Councils and Communes the gathering of various Communal Councils.

What we are actually doing is not enough. What is Socialism Nowadays? Crime has also to be stroked with energy. I cannot leave behind a word about the defense of the Revolution because we are always thinking about an epical armed struggle against the natural enemies which are the conservative forces and specially the Imperialism.

Like the US is doing with its dollars to pay debt, we are printing more Venezuelan Bolivars to increase salaries and cope with current and investment expenses, which means the inflation pressure is enlarging.

This perception does not come from guesswork or conjectures. Albeit, the difficulty was overcome and, step by step, retired managers, workers, military, all loyal to the Revolution, normalized the situation and defeated the new intent to overthrow President Chavez.

Wikileaks de Venezuela: así salió el director del canal Globovisión

All this is very difficult godriguez combat in an open and democratic society. Venezuelan Events in Context.

This happened in august, and Chavez won it with a handsome majority.