Aug 3, Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton. The unauthorized biography presents a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of Angelina Jolie. Jul 25, This book’s “also by Andrew Morton” list has. Angelina Jolie, the subject of Andrew Morton’s biography. . An Unauthorized Biography. Jul 29, Angelina Jolie biography by Andrew Morton: I read it so you don’t the life of Angelina Jolie in Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, out Aug.

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Angelina Jolie biography by Andrew Morton: I read it so you don’t have to!

I’m giving this 2 stars because even though it was uninteresting and there were no big revelations, Andrew Morton is a good writer and the information is presented well. This book really doesn’t say anything good about Angelina Jolie.

Among his most relied-upon, on-the-record sources seem to be a former babysitter of the Voight children and Angelina’s alleged one-time drug dealer — but Morton manages to advance a plausible theory nonetheless. The writing is subpar in other ways, as well.

Angelina Jolie biography by Andrew Morton: I read it so you don’t have to! |

While the healthier approach might be to limit the intake by vowing to pick it up occasionally and flip to the index for a snippet like: I do not care for Angelina Jolie-Pitt as an actress, but find her attempts to assist those people from other cultures find a remedy to their daily existence through human organizations and developing funds for those organizations.

The only thing I came away with was that Angelina is a self-absorbed jackass, and I seriously, sincerely feel for her father, who’s entire life was one big giant scar from her callous and horrible treatment of him.

Luckily this book is pre-Brad-break, I shudder to think what hay he’d make out of that. Marcheline comes across as both a beautiful tragic figure and a horrible human being. I wondered about this woman, who came off as a druggie in her twenties, then a sex-magnet in her thirties, and then a supermom-slash-humanitarian in her 40s.


Andrew Morton’s main hypothesis that abandonment by her mother as an infant produced much of Angelina’s distress, an inability to emotionally connect with people, her restlessness, her fascination with extreme behaviors, and even her compulsive generosity, wears thin after awhile. But, since the world is home to plenty of Geminis who haven’t inked Thornton’s name below their bikini line on a whim, there’s clearly more at work. There are definitely some interesting tidbits about production on various films, interaction between various celebrities on set, etc.

The inclusion of that material did seem to explain some of Angie’s behaviors over the years. If only a small part of it is true, she’s lived an amazingly unusual life and will probably continue to attract public attention. There were two big problems with this book: He even employs the tried and tru 5 stars for Angie, 0 for the author.

Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton

And then there’s the fireball of fame that is “Brangelina” — which Morton suggests was at least sparked, if not fully kindled, biiography Pitt was married to “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston. After reading that I went on to read that Angelina and this boyfriend used to cut each other with knives during “the act” and she had to be admitted to the hospital because their cutting during “it” narrowly missed her jugular and only then her mother decided a live-in boyfriend for her teenager wasn’t a good idea?

But it’s an enjoyable, quick read, good for bus reading.

Some speculation and concern that her first child was a black market baby taken from his parents. Billy Bob is afraid of antiques and silver cutlery.

This unauthorixed a fun, gossipy read for those times when you need a celebrity fix. The book I guess did offer some insights into the psychology of who she is, but I am still not convinced that Morton got any deeper than just scratching the surface of the ‘heart and soul’ of Angelina.


Is she worth it? Cutter and heroin addict and anorexic Anyone who has inauthorized read an interview with her basically knows all of the “shocking” revelations about her drug use, cutting, bisexuality, etc.

She is a goddess among women because of her commitment to embracing and exploring her own sexuality, never suppressing it, until she has effectively transcended it. If there is a celebrity today who merits the spadework of an unauthorized Morton biography, it’s Jolie, with a potential audience that includes just about anyone who has gone through a supermarket checkout line in the last decade, glanced at tabloid headlines about Angelina, say, open- mouth kissing her brother or swapping vials of blood with Billy Bob Thornton and wondered: Her parents play heavily into much of who she is and her dynamics with each of them speak volumes.

Mar 26, Karen rated it really liked it Shelves: There is no way Angelina would have allowed this book to go to print. All I can say is I felt sad for her, her children, and a world that listens to a woman who is rich and famous and beautiful but so troubled.

For gy, Angelina Jolie was looking out at us from billboards alongside a single question: In my opinion it was just a little too soon for this bio to be written. But she’s bright and has somehow become a world leader! She adopts kids who have mothers. A different approach, for example, asks of its subject what it would look like IF she behaved as the “good woman” she envisions?