Amos Oz Poveste Despre Dragoste Si Intuneric PDF – Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. O carte captivanta. Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric [Amos Oz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Roman magistral, detinator a zece distinctii literare, . Opera lui Amos Oz este tradusa in peste patruzeci de limbi. Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric a primit zece distinctii literare internationale, printre care.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Quotes from Poveste despre dr Oz’s love amks his relatives is juxtaposed against his impatience with them brilliantly, sometimes humorously.

[PDF] ‘.pdf – Free Download PDF

The best I can describe my experience in reading this book is that it was like being sat tightly wedged on a sofa between two proud parents ooz are determined to show you the family albums–stacks of them–and natter on and on about each photograph. There are gems of truth to be found in this book.

Maybe in the future I will try one of his other works. Just not m kind of book Again a characteristic true to life. desper

Poveste despre dragoste și întuneric

It’s certainly an eventful, fascinating history–but for me Amos made this story of him and his family before, during, and after the birth of Israel dull as dirt.

The point is well made, and frequently, that the Jewish tradition of intellectualism as evidenced in Oz’s own close family members is long and proud, but sometimes uselessly anachronistic as well.

I did learn stuff He becomes deadly serious, plain-speaking, loses the lyrical caricature and instead touches a raw nerve that he’s purportedly left buried for decades. Dec 23, Gabriel C. I am not sure when I would feel right about recommending it to be read by others. I was soon hooked, both by the story and writing. dfagoste


All the people whose lives he so thoroughly and intimately detailed were dead. To lose one’s mother to suicide must be all the more devastating. I did not let him utter a word.

He was regarded as Israel’s most famous living author. His parents came under This memoir drwgoste on the early life of a young Amos Oz growing up in a deprived yet aspirational suburb of an equally young nation. I remembered it again when I was about sixteen, and then I forgot it again. View all 21 comments.

Dana Ligia Ilin Drspre. His family came to Israel before WWII, so the accounts of the early Jewish community there and the events leading to independence in and subsequent history are captivating.

I have the feeling, in the end, that this was a task that Oz had to do to finally lay the past to rest.

Poveste despre dragoste și întuneric by Amos Oz (4 star ratings)

This is called an autobiographical novel of Israeli author written in I really struggled to finish this book. A thousand light-years divided us. Written by the author as an adult, it is not chronological so much as bits and pieces of his memory of events. Taking the time to wade through the more arcane historical information is a lesson in humility and education, outweighed by the sensitivity and perspective offered by this brilliant writer.

My great-uncle Joseph, full of love and self-pity, vulnerable and craving recognition, brimming with childlike merriment, a happy man who always pretended to be miserable or My grandmother Schlomit arrived in Jerusalem straight form Vilna one hot summer’s day intook one startled look at the sweaty markets, the colorful stalls, the bleating of goats, the swarming streets full of the cries of the hawkers.


Paternal grandfather Alexander Klausner and his Don Juan exploits from age 77 to 89, in particular when he disappeared with Mrs Hershkovich and acted like it was nothing unusual. I have to give the translator a lot of credit for making Oz’ Hebrew and other language word games and poetry work in English. Books by Amos Oz.

It is bad enough to lose one’s mother at the tender age of twelve. Later when they say goodbye, He looked so awkward and sad that I almost touched his shoulder. Oz’s work has been published in 42 languages in 43 countries, and has received many honours and awards, among them the Legion of Honour of France, the Goethe Prize, the Prince of Asturias Award in Literature, the Heinrich Heine Prize and the Israel Prize.

Perhaps if I was familiar with the author, which I am not, I would have enjoyed it more. Steer clear of the tryant lovers, and try to locate the ones who are looking for a man as a friend, not because they are feeling empty themselves but because they enjoy making you full too.

Well, it is repetitive OZ must repeat twenty times that his father disliked silence and had to fill it with chatter and witticisms — something he could have said once, then let us notice If only there was timely and effective intervention, Amos Oz’s mother, Fania Mussman, might have survived beyond her short span of thirty eight years.