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Dec 24, Althea Ann rated it liked it. As they make camp on the far side of the lake, Simpson notices that usually self-reliant and taciturn Defago seems nervous and uncomfortable.

The Wendigo

First published in The Wendigo is one of Blackwood’s early stories, and also one of his most famous. This approach is something Lovecraft used frequently with great effect, and is something I consider a signature element in some of my favorite Lovecraft pieces. Blackwood characterises Simpson as being a ‘student of divinity’ counterpointing Cathcart’s rationalistic adherence to science and the bulwarks of civilisation.

It does indeed evoke “savage and formidable potencies lurking behind the souls of men, not evil perhaps in themselves, yet instinctively hostile to humanity as it exists Blackwood deftly leaves the supernatural in the dark, whence it stares at the reader out of its red eyes, not deigning to step into the light and showing us its real shape — and this leaves the reader with the question whether there is a Wendigo outside in the dark forests, or whether there are not rather some people carrying the Algernom inside themselves.

A tale of men in the wilderness on the trail of something else. Quattro cacciatori decidono di addentrarsi nel selvaggio Nord Canada a caccia di alci.

The force has no regard, acknowledgement or care as it pursues its cosmic schemes. Then he notices something amiss, then realizes that Defago seems to have moved during the night — his legs are outside the tent and the flap pulled back Out West, people have not heard the myth of the Wendigo.

That approach works very well and adds to the overall feeling of unease one gets when reading this. His language is evocative and murky, making the forest wlgernon alive and the stillness of the far north broods like a monster. Unfortunately, Blackwood, who was familiar with Lovecraft’s work, failed algrenon return the compliment.


Any moment, it seemed, the woodland gods, who are to be worshipped in silence and loneliness, might stretch their mighty and terrific outlines among the trees.

His uncertainty and anxiety over whether or not what he experienced was real colors the entire story. Die unfassbare Weite der kanadischen Wildnis, angesichts der sich der einzelne Mensch seiner ganzen Verletzlichkeit und Verlorenheit bewusst wird. But during the hunt, Defago continues to slgernon strange algernnon and asks Simpson if he smells the same odd, pungent, yet somehow fecund scent.

The first half of The Wendigo is very powerful, with the characters having their differing world views challenged by the perilous vastness of the natural world.

Return to Book Page. I’m talking about the flaming feet.

This ‘horror classic’ was such a strange mixture of psychological terror and late-night campfire yarn that it never really came together. It’s still a great story full of Blackwood’s beautiful contemplative descriptive prose. An influential novella by one of the most best-known writers of fantasy and horror, set in a place and time Blackwood blackowod well.

Sigue al autor

To view it, click here. In his late thirties, he moved back to England and started to write stories of the supernatural. He, too, felt uneasy. Tears—in this vast and cruel wilderness: Look carefully into the face of your companion. Eventually, the two men grow more comfortable with each other, or perhaps Defago simply feels the need to share his concerns to lessen his own anxiety, the French Canadian hunter shares a story — the local Indian legend of the Wendigo.

A hunting party of five men are on their way to find the elusive moose. If you’re really brave, take it on your camping trip, and read it aloud to those around your camp fire.

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Si dice che nessun autore sia mai webdigo ad eguagliare la maestria con cui Blackwood immortala – con The Wendigo – la paurosa tensione tardo-vittoriana dell’uomo verso la Natura. View all 17 comments. Productos Reacondicionados Precios bajos en productos revisados por Amazon. Dark forests have al I have to admit, that I had never heard anything from the author before our group reading.


View all 18 comments. I admit I laughed at a few parts. To ask other readers questions about The Wendigoplease sign up.

Intrepid fellows or nowadays gals, as well who venture into the wilderness may face a mental crisis in which they lose their reason when faced with the powerful force of the uninhibited, unclaimed isolation of the wild. Detalles del producto Tapa blackwkod A force that could assume your very form and masquerade as you to your companions–perhaps waiting for its chance to snap them up too.

The expression on his face was dark. Todos los derechos reservados. Guard your eyes and your feet well.

The Wendigo lurks out there. He sets his story in the Canadian Far North, and its vast unexplored wilderness where enormous, thick forests stretch seemingly without end. This height and fiery speed! He paints a clear picture of the beauty of the wild, and the sinister creature that lurks within.

The tension is heightened as the two men bunk for the night and Defago continues to show signs of anxiety growing into fear. For that’s what the Wendigo is: This concerns Simpson some bit, as he does not see, hear or smell the strange sensations Defago seems to be experiencing. I may write some more later, but I will probably revisit Blackwood in a collection that includes this story novella along with others.