Editorial Reviews. Review. “For fans of the series.” ―School Library Journal. About the Author. ALEXANDRA ADORNETTO’s first book, Halo, became a New. This final installment of the forbidden love story in the popular Halo trilogy stands on its own well, with only a few references to events in. Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto Published by Feiwel & Friends on Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen.

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Where do I begin? Do all that stuff anyway. I am like you now. It’s just so hard for me to care, why would they? I’ve got an idea! This snark-bait book is on its way to me as we speak But Molly can’t get out of it on her own – she needs Gabriel to do it for her.

Heaven (Halo, #3) by Alexandra Adornetto

Page 64 There’s also this strange, obsessive quality to the writing this time around. AND she does, Jake’s deal: She seemed to be dancing while standing on his feet so he was propping her up like a ragdoll.

I really wonder how Adornetto is fairing in school especially if she’s a Creative Writing major. You get married, you haven’t even known each other three years, and you literally believe that zlexandra can’t live without each other. Yes, the book actually said that GOD was too busy to deal with this.

Even some things that are pretty simple, like Catholic marriage are mishandled. Why did he have to take it out on poor Father Mel!? For example, Gabriel loses his wings in this book and is supposedly Earth bond for several-hundreds of years-but he visits Bethany in heaven.


This whole “twist” at the end of him having angel blood or whatever it was just made me laugh aleaxndra the ridiculousness of it all. And that I did. I didn’t like how Eve was associated with trying to convince people what they did was wrong. Molly and Xavier shared a chuckle while Gabriel and I looked on blankly.

Throughout Heaventhere were so many good opportunities to finish off this series on a high, but it just flopped, which is a massive shame. She relocated to Oxford, Mississippi, alrxandra she divided her time between the USA and Australia, while she studied and wrote.

What the hell happened to them? Sweetheart, that’s not how any of this works.


People marry for money, when they are pressured, and what about those drunk marriages like Britney Spears’? This book mocks Christianity and shits in its face.

Det var bare dumt. Oh, poor Beth and Xavier! I noticed that the writing improved, but I still found myself skipping paragraphs and details here and there. If your relationship is unstable enough to be threatened by another person, then that is your problem.

I can’t pin point what it is but I felt nothing in the romance department. I really hope you understand that. In the vein of “Hush, Hush”, “Fallen” which I initially liked, before it all kind of went downhill “Twilight”, the level of co-dependency in the character relationships here which is only kind of addressed once toward the end, and not even in a serious manner is really, REALLY unhealthy.

This fills me with so much rage I think I’ll just let Sokka explain my feelings for this. The whole book is a train wreck. I still felt like I was diving from a great height.


These soldiers won’t stop until their job is done – capture the wayward angel and send her home. I mean it, though. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. All I could think of was Alcoholics Anonymous. Bethany and Xavier should “hide in plain sight at Ole Miss.

Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto | The YA Kitten

I’ve always loved the way that these books have been written, even though parts of it dragged, but the plot and the characters just weren’t there. She is horribly selfish throughout this book. You get married, you haven’t even known each other three years, and you literally believe wdornetto you can’t live without each other.

That’s not how this works. Also, I haven’t seen someone so tiny about the waist since Ariel the mermaid. It left the reader with alot of questions that will never get answered amd left me extremely frustrated. First he’s dead, then he’s fine, then he’s possessed, and then he hraven out to be some half-angel?!

But you know what really got to me? This girl is not an angel. But in this book?

Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto

Just because you tell us your characters are star-crossed lovers doesn’t mean they are. Guess what popped up in my mailbox. Heaven starts off where Hades ended. Yet, oddly alexandea, it addresses some of the more confusing pieces of the Christian mythology a lot of contradictory things that go on in Heaven itself, etcwhich I liked a lot.