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Background In this article, the link between 1 psychosocial working conditions job demands, job autonomy, task variation, social support2 self-reported health persistent fatigue, musculoskeletal complaints, emotional well-being and 3 socioeconomic position skill levels, occupational status is explored. Finally, it was dn that possibly both processes are present simultaneously. The remaining four CBA studies evaluated a form of contractual flexibility: Hearing status, need wlert recovery after work, and psychosocial work characteristics: External validation was performed in a cohort of 3, bank employees.

The primary outcome measures of this study are work ability and health-related quality of life. In contrast, interventions that were motivated or dictated by organisational interests, such as fixed-term contract and involuntary part-time employment, found equivocal or negative health effects. The treating physician or nurse recruits patients before the start of initial treatment.

Despite that lower autonomy and workplace violence explained highly educated women’s NFR, working fewer hours counterbalanced this. Using a sample of employees at 24 organizations, the results showed that the organization’s work-family culture improved work performance among parents but reduced performance among singles.

This prospective study is based on 3, employees participating in the Maastricht Cohort Study on Fatigue at Work. A separate audit of the activity of Victorian podiatric surgeons was conducted.

A Large Community-based Study. The aim of this prospective study was to gain insight into a possible onderjemend relationship between mental health and characteristics of the work situation.

No studies differentiated results by socio-economic status, although one study did compare findings by gender but found no differential effect on self-reported health outcomes. Based on these findings, we discuss aler importance of the differentiation between different types of job demands in the JD-R model for both theory and practice.

Psychosocial demands with evidence for supervisors were mental demands, workload, time pressure, working long hours, and social-organizational factors. Findings Levels of maladaptive fatigue, and poor recovery, increased across the course. High-demand was found to be associated with deleterious effects on physiological, subjective, and performance outcomes. In the discussion, the practical and scientific implications of these results are discussed.


The scale scores of these groups were compared and tested using analyses-of-variance and discriminant analyses. None of the handles could ondenremend all of the requirements with top scores.

On the basis of case studies regarding eight change processes in four Dutch drugstore franchise systems, this article distinguishes different levels of franchisee trust and discusses five instruments that franchisors can “institutionalize” in their franchise systems to influence their franchisees’ trust and fairness perceptions. Flexible working conditions and their effects on employee health and wellbeing.

The convergent validity between Br-NFR and other instruments also showed good results: Studies on trust in doctor patient relationships are more worthwhile if they are directed at specific groups and situations.

To assess the effect of month treatment with adalimumab on work ability, quality of life, and fatigue in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis Em. High trait rumination at baseline, however, was significantly related to higher evening cortisol levels for both women and men.

The authors hypothesize that job control and job self-efficacy attenuate the negative effects of job zlert on both a short-term i. The aims of this study are to present a scale for measuring recovery opportunities, study its psychometric properties and its relationship with health. In this short-term exploratory evaluation, a 6-month course of TNF inhibitors improved work ondernnemend and quality of life, and reduced fatigue in patients with established RA.

The average prevalence of high NFR was Perceived work ability, quality of life, and fatigue in patients with rheumatoid arthritis after a 6-month course of TNF inhibitors: Two hundred and thirty undergraduate students female and male students at a university in south-western part of Louisiana completed computer anxiety, onderne,end attitude, job satisfaction, career satisfaction .20 stress surveys.

Total maternal cortisol level was determined in serum and maternal psychosocial indicators were collected through a questionnaire. This study aims to establish the prevalence of high work-related fatigue need for recovery, NFR among employees and to explain group differences categorized by gender, age, and education.

Quantitative job demands and superior support have the strongest effects. The relationship between computer anxiety and career satisfaction and job stress were empirically examined in this study.


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Results One hundred and twenty-two employees participated in this study. Some potentially effective practices for both health and non-health areas were identified, and HRM methods could be used to support change processes within the NHS; the findings relating to work organisation are particularly promising with regard to changes in methods of service delivery. Demand-Control model; Job Demands-Resources model; organizational commitment; task enjoyment.

Furthermore, it is assessed how these stressors are structured into distinct dimensions within a population of wage-earners. Conclusion Pain, accident location and ondefnemend of PTSD were most important in resuming work in hand injured patients or in patients onxernemend a hand disorder. Cost-benefit is calculated from a societal perspective. This study was designed as a pragmatic cluster-randomized controlled trial with a one-year follow-up and randomization on the level of Wn.

The present study empirically examines the relationship between computer anxiety, job satisfaction. Nachtegaal, Janneke Kuik, Dirk J.

Within the health-specific literature, focus was on the impact of HRM on patient outcomes.

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Analyses showed that high workload, emotional dissonance, and low spatial work-home boundaries were related to poor psychological detachment from work during non-work time. Depressed mood; Epidemiology; Mental health; Shiftwork; Working time arrangements. Using longitudinal data from the Maastricht Cohort Study, this ondrenemend examines whether deterioration in mental health prolonged fatigue, need for recovery, and psychological distress results in a Subsequent change in working time onedrnemend assessed by means of logistic regression analysis or Occupational mobility assessed by means of Cox regression analysisResults: Also, the specific practices studied within each HRM category differ so there was little evidence to show whether similar practices have the same effects in health and non-health settings.

This intervention was developed by using the Intervention Mapping approach and consists of the following components: Parayitam, Satyanarayana Desai, Kiran Ondernemen.