To get only the cpu info from the topas command terminal. pre AIX The topas tool is a full-screen tool and its output is not well suited for. TOPAS – NMON: TOPAS Reports selected local and remote system statistics. The topas command requires the and file sets to be. An interactive paper that provides help on understanding the fields from the AIX topas command and what commands can be used to dig deeper into a.

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Written by RA August 2, at Changes to WLM that are shown by topas like adding new classes, or changing existing class names will not qix reflected after starting topas.

Moving the cursor over a WLM class and pressing the f key displays the list of top processes in the class at the bottom of the WLM screen. The sum of monitored memory for all shared partitions in the pool.

You might be surprised to hear ai iostat is not one of the tools recommended to help you with long-term gathering of statistical data. WriteLine cmd ; while sh. The results are structured. Last edited by bakunin; at This panel displays metrics similar to the lparstat command for all the AIX partitions it can identify as belonging to the same hardware platform.

Figure 4 provides a disk summary for each disk in kilobytes per second for reads and writes.

Check memory usage aid each process utilizing aic CPU by running the following command: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The uppercase P key replaces the default display with the full-screen process display. Implementation Specifics Changes to WLM that are shown by topas like adding new classes, or changing existing class names will not be reflected after starting topas. This report is described in the Disk Panel section.


The number of dedicated partitions.

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This includes page faults that do not cause paging activity. If a value of 0 is specified, no process information will be monitored. If you’re running topas you can press the tilde key: It contains the following subsections of statistics: TPS The number of transfers per second that are issued to the file system.

There are many different topas commands which system admin can use to check CPU usage. If this argument is omitted, a default of 2 is assumed. The top part of the display shows a list of active WPAR. This includes page faults that do not cause paging activity. The sum of physical busy of processors in shared partitions of a pool. The sum of the number of processors in all the partitions donating. I still believe you are asking a wrong question see XY Problem. The number of dedicated partitions based on the system processor.

Additional Cluster Utilization Panel Subcommands When the topas Cluster Utilization panel is active, it accepts the following additional 1-character subcommands. Pressing the d key turns off this subsection. Scrolling If the amount of data is more than the topas window size, then Page Up and Page Down keys are used to scroll though the data.

Subtract PgspIn from this value to get the number of 4K pages read from topa systems per second over the monitoring interval. The size of a transfer is not determinate. Adapter Panel Specified by pressing the d key.


Dynamic power save mode is enabled. If the WLM class is not active then the default system processes will be displayed in the bottom part of the display. The number or parts of physical CPUs that back a virtual processor is key in understanding how loaded the system is. The system chooses a home SRAD for a thread when it is created. The percentage of physical processor that is used while busy cycles are being stolen by the hypervisor.

How to access process and cpu info on AIX? KBPS The amount of data transferred read or written in kilobytes per second in the adapter. I suggest you use vmstat instead, which presents the same information albeit in different form, but well suited for filtering. Topaa commands are already discussed in previous posts. The following ajx are displayed for each class: This field is the sum of kilobytes received and kilobytes sent per second.

The following fields are displayed by both formats: If a value of 0 zero is specified, no processor information is monitored. The number of partitions that are currently donating. That’s not a workaround, that’s the correct solution!

topas | ABC Of AIX

The display reports disk service times, disk queuing metrics, and disk throughput. The percentage of physical processor that is used while explicitly donating idle cycles. Sets the monitoring interval in seconds. AWT The average time to receive a response from the hosting server for the write topax sent.