Now, cat in all likelihood is gonna b same as and , what should i do? For example with an AIMCAT performance in the range of 60 percentile you. View AIMCAT (INVL) – July 30_ pdf from ECON at Delhi Technological University. 1. ‘I’.I.M.E. Triumphant Institute of Harassment. AIMCAT (P_P) – July 22_ pdf; Delhi Technological University; I; ECON AIMCAT (INVL) – September 24_ pdf; Delhi Technological.

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Please go through the fundamentals in our study material. Please keep your cool and your confidence high.

Chat Transcript

It is unlikely that you have suddenly become poor at english!! Around 95,98,98,92 respectively for general category students. The results will be announced at 9 pm on the same date and will be available at www. Everything will just work out fine. Accuracy is taken care by giving negative marks. Sir, similar doubt but this in verbal. Aroundyou did aimczt.

SASTRA Deemed University

Developing a “feel” for language will help. They are not approved by either the Govt.


The time per RC depends on the length, complexity etc of the set and your reading speed. I hope your analysis covers identifying weak areas – spotting trends of flagging performance in specific areas, quality of question selection etc.

You can assume that you will stay for 10 months in a calendar year. Schedule to discuss this topic with your faculty. Being careful in those areas where you are prone to make mistakes alone is sometimes enough to significantly boost your accuracy. That is, while answering one question you could be preoccupied with a previous one or others that you haven’t even read yet! Is there aimcag possibility of some quota for maharashtra domicile students?

Hi, There no precise answer for this question, let me share my experience with mocks while I was preparing for CAT.

Admission will be based only on merit after the rank list is released. What colleges apart from IIMs zimcat stand a chance?

AIMCAT 1013 discussion (Please do not open if you have not attempted the test)

No way of answering that question, it varies from person to person. Thank you sir asim: It requires you to have a good vocabulary and understanding of word collocations and which words fit in a context.


As for the action plan for the next 20 days: Is there any thing that I need to modify in my plan. My consistency QA section has been a worry.

Could the omet be kept some other day so that the student appearing for IRMA dont lose out? He owes his success to 1 strategy. Then move on to sectional tests and look at the aimcat questions in the area. I can devote 7 hrs 3103 for CAT preparation ramchandran: Will make a big difference.

I have my CAT on 26th oct. Was it difficult or was I not able to understand it? Remain confident and optimistic. My actual CAT is this 18th oct You will see the link tomorrow, along with a mail asking you indicate your preference.