An introduction to the plans built Aeros Homebuilt Helicopter. The Plans manual offers page after page of highly detailed construction prints. The helicopter enthusiast who is looking to build a home built experimental helicopter The Aeros construction manual that comes with the plans gives detailed. Plans Helicopter Furia – the real helicopter for amateur construction. $ AIRCRAFT SOFTWARE 1/2 VW MOTOR CONVERSION PLANS. $

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Need an engine for your Aeros helicopter? Frame made of aluminum pipes. Belt transfer to the tail rotor.

You Aviator. Drawings of helicopter Aeros.

A bonus article from well known aviation experts is included. And of course the details of the parts of the plane you are going to assemble and the source from which you can purchase them. For the helicopter enthusiast interested in a homebuilt helicopter designed to high standards: To reduce the cost and reliability of the aircraft, a converted VW car engine is used.

Click here for a selection of VW engines of suitable horsepower. Then, fully illustrated with photos and detailed specifications, is a presentation of what is currently available to the helicopter hobbyist in the form of kits and plans. Your copy of this fascinating and highly informative Guidebook, presenting the world of small homebuilt and kit helicopters, is included at no extra cost with your order for the Aeros Construction Manual!

The plans are well laid out on paper with easy to grasp diagrams and illustrations. A comprehensive list that is included provides information on sources of engines, metals, AN hardware, cables, controls, rotorblades, instruments and all the regulations that need to be followed.

There are drawings which show the user how the parts of the plane fit together and what materials have been used to an advantage. The website managed by this company also provides a number of sample plans that users can view before deciding to go in for the products. The guide also gives details of construction materials commonly used, a glossary of terms and a list of suppliers of parts and materials. If the total amount of your purchases from the seller Izobretalkin more than:.


Buy Now Add to Cart. The Guidebook covers, with clear, illustrated explanations, how helicopters work, the various considerations that go into their design, main- and tailrotor aerodynamics, control-system operation, a glossary of terms, and much more! This single-seat helicopter can be built in a well-equipped home shop.

Buy You Aviator. Drawings of helicopter Aeros. and download

The product volume is Mb. The plan kit comes with a ready source of data used in the field hekicopter light plane design.

The main rotor diameter is 6. Drawings of helicopter Choppy. Manual control of the automatic skew and the general pitch of the angle of installation of the blades. Thank you in advance. Feedback 0 all positive negative.

The maximum ceiling is m. Manhal Aeros construction manual that comes with the plans gives detailed construction prints, photos and assembly instructions to guide the builder.

Affordaplane also provides its members access to its exclusive online builders section. Helicopter drawings 44 sheets. If the engine fails, the landing is performed in the rotor self-rotation mode. The construction manual provides the constructor with all the details he needs for building Gyrobee. The comprehensive list includes sources of engines, metals, AN hardware, cables, controls, rotorblades, instruments, and the regulations you need to know.

Full size drawings which come with this package are very convenient as there is no scaling up operations to be performed before implementation. GO – Random secrecy weapons. Period 1 month 3 months 12 months 0 0 0 0 0 0. Each plan sold by this company has a registered serial number. Email must contain your contact information name, phone number, etc. The Aeros is licensed as an Experimental Aircraft.

Drawings of helicoptr Aeros. In the event of engine failure, the Aeros can autorotate to a xonstruction landing. Leave a review at the time of receipt of the goods or after purchase at oplata. Aeros – one of the most beautifully designed single-seat helicopters that you can build yourself!


The Aeros helicopter can be built in a well-equipped home workshop. About pages of simplified tables and charts inform the user on Aero, engines, props, properties of wood, Aluminum, steel, composites, flight and landing loads. The construction manual presents 44 pages of detailed drawings of all the assemblies and parts, a collection of instructions and photographs to facilitate the construction of this beautiful aircraft.

Helicopter Plans | eBay

The package includes a valuable guide for the gyrobee hobbyist. In case of engine failure, the landing is performed in the rotor self-rotation mode Length: Turnover of main rotor per minute: Related to this item.

The manual can be ordered separately without the plans too. Aluminium alloy tubes, steel tubing, sheets, bolts and mahual, fabric for the detachable wings are listed in its bill of materials with sources for purchase. This address safely stores all the goods you have purchased and you can always access them after you make a purchase.

Some uelicopter kits offer construction videos and have websites where the enthusiast can register and access their storehouse of information. This section is content rich and members can access information on a variety of aircraft related topics, tips and free updates on products of the company.

The plans show the parts dimensions and the drawings provide exploded views and assembly instructions that can be grasped at a glance. A number of weight-saving features have gone into the Aeros, including a simple, but attractive monocoque tailboom.