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The company has a feed mill, a hatchery, breeder farms, and contracted farmers, and sells chicken products to the south, southeast, north, and northeast regions Brazil, as well as exports them to Asian countries. International Journal of Poultry Science ;10 Due to environmental changes and handling to which broilers are submitted during shackling, stress is more intense and it is expressed as struggling, which may lead to processing losses, including broken bones, bruises, and meat quality defects like pale, soft, and exudative meat PSE or dry, firm and dark meat Nnbr.

This was particularly the case of point 1, where average lighting level increased As there were two groups, the medians of wing flapping in the old A pa and new A pn shackling areas were compared.

Workers must be properly trained, because skillful and fast shackling minimizes broiler jbr. In the first step, an existing shackling sector was evaluated. The higher variability of the old area is due to the influence of natural lighting. In the United Kingdom, for instance, each processing plant must have a worker trained on bird welfare to oversee unloading, lair age, and slaughter ACP, 54113 pro-active approach, aiming at ensuring that neither technological development nor animal welfare are compromised, is recommended Clark et al.

The study demonstrated that it is possible to conciliate better animal welfare with visual comfort for workers in the shackling area. This step was called “old shackling area”. In this study, a conventional lighting system was compared with brighter lighting system designed to provide better visual comfort to workers in compliance with the Brazilian regulations ABNT.


British Poultry Science ; Light intensity was determined considering the classification of the work in the shackling area as “tasks with limited visual requirement, gross machinery work, and auditoriums” of that regulation.

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The method of evaluation applied to the new shackling area, after the blue lighting system was installed, was identical as that nbrr in the old shackling area, using the same video-recordings intervals, and humidity, temperature, noise, and luminosity data were recorded using the equipment described above.

Revista Avicultura Industrial The values of wing-flapping are shown in Tables 1 and 2respectively.

Lighting 543 allows workers to handle birds more carefully, contributing to lower carcass losses. In the old shackling area, noise was recorded for approximately 11h5min 39, readings and for 10h38min 38, readings. Animal rearing and rearing technologies are dynamic fields that can have positive or negative influences on animal welfare.

The objective of this study was to investigate if blue lighting could reduce broiler stress and comply with legal labor comfort requirements in a new shackling area of a middle-size processing plant.

The lighting of the new area was close to the recommendations of NBR for work stations, of lux. Effect of varying light intensity on growth performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens grown to heavy weights. Meat Science ; nnr Lighting design of the new area try to conciliate the reduction of broiler stress as measured by agitation with better working conditions and better lighting comfort for the workers, according to regulation NBR of ABNT.

Lighting in the shackling area: conciliating broiler welfare with labor comfort

Therefore, the new area presented more favorable conditions both for broilers and workers in terms of noise. According to the measurements, the new shackling area has better lighting; however, this not result in more bird activity wing flapping or more stress Barbosa et al.


Recording were made to include all possible variables: The alternative hypothesis was that noise was higher in the old area compared with the new area H 1: Lighting can have a positive or negative influence on broiler welfare because it affects their behavior.

Bird activity is reduced as light intensity diminishes. Noise results as measured in the old and new area are discussed below.

Environmental noise was measured using a anbt meter every second, simultaneously to 13 daily videorecordings. Data were statistically analyzed using the non-parametric test of Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney w test. Because it is a closed environment, temperature and relative humidity were measured in a single spot, near the shackling line. The company works with a single broiler genetic strain Cobb The decibelimeter recorded instantaneous values every second.

Therefore, the interval between data collections was three months. It was called “new shackling area”. Effect of light intensity on broiler behaviour and diurnal rhythms.

The second step included the design and installation of fluorescent blue lamps with higher lighting intensity to promote better visual comfort to the workers. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The size of the lighting system also considered shackling area dimensions width, length, heightestimated reflections of the roof, walls, and floor, and light flow of the blue fluorescent lamps.

Lighting was measured in three different points of the video-recorded shackling line beginning, middle, endat birds’ head height. The results show that the null hypothesis H 0: This is called the method of average lumen lighting and it is the most adequate for routine work in a fixed working station.