1N, datasheet for 1N – SILICON 3-LAYER BILATERAL TRIGGERS provided by New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.. 1N pdf. 1NA,AA. Leakage Current. IBeth Direction!). (Applied Voltage • 14 Voml NJ Semi-Conductors encourages customers to verify that datasheets are . 1N Datasheet: Silicon 3-Layer Bilateral Triggers, 1N PDF Download New Jersey Semiconductor, 1N Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet.

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The devices characterized represent the best values and should receive primary consideration. BoxPhoenix, Arizona In the power package R Suffixthe case is ground for both types allowing direct mounting on a common heat sink.

P denotes Dual in Line Plastic Package i. Metal Packaga Higher cost 25 40 60 0. The low voltage devices are hermetically dataseet, all-glass structure. The specifications of these subsystem devices are, however, designed to maximize their efficiency in the applications for which they were intended and may not necessarily meet the more universal specifications required of and guaranteed by our standard MC ana MCCMOS product family.

They find application in large mainframe memory systems, minicomputers, and con- ventional digital control circuits. Complex Functions As the areas of application for couplers grow, more complicated output functions will be required. Magnetic Memory Interface Drivers and sense amplifiers for core and plated wire memory systems. Same as above, but with a different pin arrangement.

Generally, microprocessors MPUs are fabricated utilizing MOS technology with its attendant high circuit density characteristics. Even when the line is divided into its two natural categories — plastic for lowest cost, and metal for hermeticity — the sheer number of devices in each category makes selection by spec-for-spec datasyeet a significant task. With a satisfactory heat sink Uniwatt transistors can dissipate up to 10 Watts.


BVqss 1nn5760 25 1n576 – ‘DSS ,rom 2.

1N Datasheet, 1N PDF, Pinouts, Circuit – New Jersey Semiconductor

Devices from the MC Series have loading factors normalized for compatibility with the low-power mW MRTL devices for ease in mixing the two power levels in a system. Other FETs are available as specials. They are also useful as oscillators and general-purpose switches. Designers can now implement highly complex systems with only a few basic off-the-shelf LSI components.

The selection tables are arranged to highlight the prime selection criteria in easy- to-use order. Device types that are not referenced are, nevertheless, manufactured and inventoried by Motorola, but are suggested principally for replacement purposes. May 1n7560 used with single power supply.

A A, MCSlbMC EB-5 1b5760 the Drift, Men. Among these, the following should be given special attention characteristics are given in the indicated section of this Master Selection Guide: High Speed Static Static. MC is the same as the MCbul has a much higher transient response.

1N Hoja de datos ( Datasheet PDF ) – SILICON BILATERAL TRIGGERS

Datashete your Motorola representative for pricing. MPF – Low cost. Since the devices highlighted here are the most popular in each category, it follows that they are among the most widely available, at the lowest cost. BF EBC 25 25 75 3 10 And with this many device type numbers covering the small-signal transistor spectrum, it is apparent that the actual differences between some devices becomes quite small.


Package Type Number Light! Designed for use in regulated power supplies as a vatasheet voltage reference element and error voltage amplifier, providing temperature compensation for datashete reference voltage stability. S8 44 66 Motorola Semicondiicti -eartijiiui te- 15 It is recommended that these standard device types be given first consideration for new design.

For specific options, i.

1N5760 Datasheet

Therefore it is necessary that each of the elements attached to the MPU bus require minimal load current. Apostmetalization passivation process further enhances the radiationresistance qualities of the family and very small high frequency tran- sistor structures are used throughout.

This stabilizes circuit performance for variations in device parameters. To differentiate the new specification policy, the MC Series will have a new set of suffixes. Sufficient information to build the amplifier is provided. Low Differential Output dc Drift The devices listed in the matrix form below are classified according to f, versus l c. Combined, these divisions include a large number of individual devices covering a forward-current range from 0. Justification of the choice of metals for the system is provided in the discussion.

The following devices are the most popular consumer amplifier transistors: Choppers and Switches 4.

These products are available in a variety of package styles and in chip form.